Monday, July 7, 2014

Washington's Insidious Immigration Reform Scam - Profitized Abuse Of Human Beings

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Washington's Insidious Immigration Reform Scam - Profitized Abuse Of Human Beings

By all rights Washington's immigration "reform" that does not address the root cause of illegal immigration should be dead. 

In fact I am glad it is dead.  It gives me hope that more Americans are becoming aware of this decades-old abusive scam of not only themselves but the undocumented too.

This Washington mess is about a continuous supply of labor, crony remittances and billions of US  tax dollars glad-handed over as border security boodle.

Focusing upon the subject of illegal immigration Washington has set and defined the parameters of their politicians' and the  public's heated immigration reform debate.  Basically that debate is to let the undocumented in or kick them out, right?

Common sense dictates that the reason undocumented people come here is because of their home-country poverty.  Many studies have proven that Washington's own elite has created foreign policies of NAFTA, CAFTA and a 40 year-long drug war that actually exacerbate poverty and illegal immigration to the US. 

Washington "self-inflicts" illegal immigration upon US taxpayers.  God only knows that  US politicians do not suffer the costs and consequences of over-crowded hospital emergency room and unfair demographic changes to their home towns.

Don't buy Washington's hype that DHS has undocumented workers in US corporations' workplaces (agriculture, hotel-motel, food processing, construction etc.) on the run.

As with Wall Street banksters, Washington politicians will not bite the hands that feeds them and puts them in office.

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