Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pogo We Have Met The True Immigration Reform Enemy

In response:

Pogo We Have Met The True Immigration Reform Enemy

Washington politicians continue to throw Americans under their immigration reform buses.

And they use penniless women and children to do it.

NAFTA and CAFTA trade policies simultaneously guarantee that Washington' crony US corporate investors will plunder the undocumenteds' home countries for riches while exacerbating labor-driven US illegal immigration too.

All of course are hidden under the guise of a humanitarian crisis that these same Washington profiteers not only help create but one that they laughingly see as a necessary cost of doing their greedy business also.

Of course the undocumented pay the price as American taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of Washington's insidious, decades-old system of abuse.

This mess is economically driven.  Driven to benefit the economic elite.

Better yet, greed driven. The proverbial "have's versus the "have not's". What most people don't get is that our own government and the undocumenteds' home governments are behind this - and have been for many decades. Foreign elite export their poor to the US in exchange for billions of dollars in remittances sent back home. The US elite use the laborers (despite our laws) and send the medical, educational, and "border security" bills to the US taxpayers. That is the truth that needs to be exposed.

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