Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Washington Depends Upon America's Acceptance Of Washington's Illegal Immigration Paradigm

In response:

Washington Depends Upon America's Acceptance Of Washington's Illegal Immigration Paradigm

Washington's illegal immigration paradigm is designed to keep Americans fighting so that Washington does not have to fix the problem.  And as long as Americans keep fighting about the illegal immigration ruse that Washington touts as real said political immigration profiteers will never have to fix this mess that they not only created  - but capitalize upon too. 

Why would Washington (or better yet the elite who run Washington) not want to fix the problem? 

For starters can you think of any other problems that Washington never  fixes and why?  Health care?  Wars?  Poverty?  Self-inflicted recessions?  Climate change?  Dependence upon oil?  Our 40+ year long war on drugs?  The prices of food and gasoline?  You know, fill in the blank.

There is also profit in the "problem" of illegal immigration.  Corporate profit from hiring undocumented laborers.   Political profit from fighting this never-ending, self-inflicted (NAFTA/CAFTA/TPP) nightmare.  Billions upon billions of US tax dollars pumped into Washington's  cronies' "designed to be ineffective" border and interior security complexes.  Billions in remittances pumped back into Washington's corrupt, cartel-run "democratic" trading partners' economies.

Do you wonder why billions of US dollars made off of millions of undocumented laborers, billions in remittances, 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border Mexican NAFTA trade, Latin American poverty, US supported Latin American drug wars and billions in border security boodle are never discussed within Washington's illegal immigration paradigm?

So keep on fighting about illegal immigration and blaming the Democrats, Republicans, Obama, Bush, Clinton, border security, illegal drugs, deportations, amnesties ad infinitum.

Your acceptance of their paradigm is their program of reaping billions in profit from your ignorance.


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