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Washington's Spoon-Fed Immigration Arguments Twist America's Understanding of Illegal Immigration

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Washington's Spoon-Fed Immigration Arguments Twist America's Understanding of Illegal Immigration

I speak as someone who worked for 26 years as a US Border Patrol/ICE Agent and studied immigration and drug war issues for 9 years in retirement.

I speak as someone who naïvely believed Washington's illegal immigration rhetoric. I believed it until I personally experienced Washington's immigration policies first-hand and then educated myself to the truth.

The cause of illegal immigration is poverty.  The US and undocumenteds' home-country NAFTA/CAFTA elite have created trade policies that favor the rich and widen disparities in wealth in all countries involved.

Poor Mexican or Central Americans are faced with working at home for US owned factories for maybe 10 bucks a day or working for drug cartels that rule their towns and neighborhoods.  Otherwise, the third option is to flee to America where they can work for 10 bucks an hour and send extra money home to their families as remittances.

If you are not familiar with NAFTA, CAFTA and the reality of remittances you will never understand US illegal immigration.

I say large US corporations running the agriculture, construction, hotel-motel, fast food, and meat processing industries in the US not only depend upon but profit from undocumented laborers.  Below is a link to story about a typical ICE audit of Crunch Pak apple processing plant in the state of Washington.

According to the article, some 90% of 900 workers were undocumented.  ICE agents did the audit and sent the company a list of hundreds of  "discrepancies" (fake social security numbers, stolen social security numbers, fake ID's, etc.).  Did ICE "raid" this company?  On paper only, and the undocumented who were working there disappeared to repeat the same scenario.

I say that this is ICE's typical way of trying to appease all involved.  Does it look like ICE is doing its job?   Yes.  Sort of.  The theory is that the undocumented employees will return to their home countries because their jobs were lost.  The reality?  Some may go home but most will stay in the US.

I say that lobbyists who work for the large corporations who use undocumented laborers will never allow their "bought and paid for" Washington politicians to pass mandatory E-Verify or let ICE or the US Border Patrol effectively enforce illegal immigration.

Washington will not kill the Mexican goose that lays those golden, labor and drug laden eggs. 

Yet what is Washington's rhetoric (and therefore the public's thinking) about illegal immigration?  The parameters they set are "Amnesty" (Immigration Reform) on the left and "Seal The Border" on the right.

As far as the "sealing the border" slogan (reminds me of Washington's War On Drugs) read how "our" Department of State raves about our relations with Mexico.  Read about how we (actually the NAFTA bi-national elite) share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with "our" 2nd largest source of oil - Mexico.

Next read VP Biden's illustrious 2013 speech to the Mexican economic elite.  Read about the bright future the two countries have and how the US will bring undocumented people "out of the shadows".

And here are a couple of eye-opening articles that sum of the real reasons for NAFTA and the US backed drug war in Mexico.

Back to Washington's spoon-fed illegal immigration rhetoric:  "Amnesty" on the left, "Seal The Border" on the right. 

I have witnessed Americans argue for decades about both sides and all point between the two, predetermined, purposely defined immigration parameters that Washington sets.  I have come to the conclusion that the two parameters and all points between have nothing to do with the actual cause of illegal immigration (self-inflicted poverty). 

Many Americans vehemently argue Washington's default topics and never realize the actual insidious nature of Washington's systemic illegal immigration scam:  profit-driven illegal immigration for labor requiring millions of undocumented illegally entering the US who eventually require billions more tax payer dollars poured into ineffective border security reform boodle. 

Until Americans wake up to the reality of this mind-boggling rip-off, millions more undocumented will poor into the US and thousands more human beings will die in the process.

Finally, here is an article that will stretch your belief system about immigration reform.  After what I have experience and learned, I trust the ideas that it's author puts forward more than I trust Washington immigration rhetoric.   In fact, it makes Washington's immigration rhetoric and polices finally make sense.


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