Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How Hispanic Rights Organizations Are No Different Than Washington Immigration Hypocrites

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How Hispanic Rights Organizations Are No Different Than Washington Immigration Hypocrites

NCLR or "La Raza" threatens election pay-back if Washington Republicans do not pass comprehensive immigration reform.  Yet where in La Raza's arguments do they stand up for the millions more undocumented who will undoubtedly follow the present 11.2 million US undocumented that La Raza advocates for now?

Where does La Raza stand up for the thousands more undocumented who will undoubtedly die as they cross the border following in the footsteps of the 11.2 million US undocumented present in the US now?

Any and all Hispanic rights groups who want immigration reform that does not address the root causes of illegal immigration are just as hypocritical as the Washington immigration profiteers who said Hispanic groups threaten to kick out of office.

Has anyone from La Raza gone through the fine print of the Senate's already passed S.744 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act to see how it sells out not only the undocumented but US taxpayers' too?

Apparently not.  Therefore La Raza will sell out for immigration reform that does not address Washington's NAFTA, CAFTA and ongoing drug wars that are the root causes of illegal immigration today.  They will sell out to immigration reform that doubles the size of the US Border Patrol and increases Arizona's border incarcerations and prosecutions of the undocumented to come.  They will sell out to Washington's bribery of  today's undocumented:  13 years of labor peonage as a sub-class of Registered Provisional Immigrants who have no path to US citizenship.

Worst of all they know that Washington's Comprehensive Immigration Reform as written will draw millions more undocumented to the US and cause thousands more border deaths in the process.

Why doesn't La Raza advocate for those people who now suffer from NAFTA, CAFTA and US drug war violence and poverty in their home-countries?

La Raza is just as hypocritical as Washington immigration politicians are as neither addresses the root causes of illegal immigration. 

At this point I wonder if both groups are dependent upon continuing illegal immigration.              

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