Thursday, July 3, 2014

Reform: The Great American Hoodwink

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Reform:  The Great American Hoodwink

Obama says Wall Street still needs more reform. As does immigration. As does the health care system. As does the Veterans Administration. As does DHS.   As does the military.  As does our political system.

 As does (fill in the blank).

"Reform" is a Washington double-speak euphemism.

It gives voters the impression that Washington not only cares about what is wrong but actually intends to do something about it.

Show me one example of something Washington is trying to reform that does not involve billions of taxpayers dollars and has been lingering for decades. 

Like vampires need blood, Washington uses reform to suck the life out of taxpayers. 

All done for their elite, kleptocratic masters. 

All done in the name of democracy.



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