Saturday, July 19, 2014

Immigration Profiteers Simultaneously Prey Upon Undocumented Children And Kind-Hearted Americans

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Immigration Profiteers Simultaneously Prey Upon Undocumented Children And Kind-Hearted Americans

Thousands of undocumented children showing up on our southern border is a symptom of much larger, calculated, insidious economic system that simultaneously preys upon undocumented people for labor, remittances and kind-hearted Americans for their compassion and tax dollars.

Americans - no matter which side of the immigration fence they stand on - need to educate themselves about Washigton's NAFTA and CAFTA "free trade" agreements and our 40+  year old American "war on drugs" in order to fully understand the conspiracy of foreign and US immigration profiteers who self-inflict poverty upon the undocumenteds' home countries which results in self-inflicted illegal immigration to the US.

Here are two articles (of many) addressing NAFTA concerns :

And please check out this article addressing Mexico's US backed 2006 drug war:

Does anyone out there not see that immigration enforcement (as ineffective as it is designed to be) is not a huge money maker for Washington's "border security" cronies?  The Senate has passed S.744 "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" which calls for doubling the size of the US Border Patrol and an initial tax payer "reform" price tag of 46.3 billion dollars.  See sections 1102 and 6 of the 1,200 page, pork-filled novel:

Finally, for a global view concerning US immigration reform, please read this article by William I. Robinson, professor of global studies at USC Santa Barbara.  Please don't let the Aljazeera news source scare you off.  None of the 4 corporate owned US news giants would dare touch this aspect of  American illegal immigration and immigration reform.

Use your common sense folks.  Is immigration yet another example of how the rich in America (and the their foreign country colluding cronies) use people to remain rich? 

Illegal immigration "fires" are started in the undocumenteds' home countries - fueled by Washington's NAFTA, CAFTA, and drug war policies.  Trying to control those "fires" at the border will never be effective.  

Washington Kleptocrats cause illegal immigration and then set the parameters of "our" illegal immigration debate.

The majority Americans don't have a clue that said parameters have nothing to do with the actual causes of - or remedies to - illegal immigration.

RI Peaceful Ignorance America

This mess is about billions in profits from self-inflicted poverty, illegal labor, remittances sent home, political power, feigned drug wars, and trade policies that favor the rich and border security boodle.


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