Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kids On The Border - One Link In Washington's Profit Driven Illegal Immigration Chain

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Kids On The Border - One Link In Washington's Profit Driven Illegal Immigration Chain

These kids showing up at the border need to been seen as a link in the chain of Washington's insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration and profit-driven immigration reform.

Here are the other links in the chain: 

Undocumented Labor:  despite laws prohibiting it, Washington's corporate cronies in the agricultural, hotel-motel, construction, and food processing industries hire undocumented workers. 

Remittances:  billions in remittances are sent back to Washington's crony profiteers who run the undocumenteds' home countries.

NAFTA/CAFTA trade policies enrich US investors and the undocumenteds' home country elite while exacerbating home-country poverty which pushes people here. 

Border Security Industrial Complex:  Billions of US tax dollars are pumped into Washington's cronies'  deep, dark, "designed-to-be-ineffective" border security industries.  These industries are the flip side of  Washington's 40 year long war on drugs.

Drug War Death and Violence:  Mexico alone has suffered over 130,000 "drug war" deaths since Calderon's US backed 2006 war on drugs was started and drags on.

Illegal Drug Profits:  US corporate industries reap the profits of jailed drug offenders and laundering cartel profits.

NAFTA/CAFTA Interdependent Economies:  If the US actually "sealed the border" Mexico's economy would collapse causing US investors to lose billions of  investment dollars.  For example WalMart is Mexico's number one retail store, "BIG US CORN" makes billions in corn dumped in Mexico and Mexico is our 2nd largest source of oil. 

Face the facts folks:  the bi-national elite sees illegal immigration as a huge money maker that reaps billions in US tax dollar profits.

Despite what Washington touts there is no motivation for Washington to fix this insidious illegal immigration chain that benefits the bi-national elite at the expense of US taxpayers.      

Washington immigration reform profiteers have made their immigration bed. Now Americans have to sleep in it.     

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