Thursday, July 17, 2014

Comprehensive Immigration Reform That Does Not Address The Root Causes Of Illegal Immigration Is In Fact Dead

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform That Does Not Address The Root Causes Of Illegal Immigration Is In Fact Dead

Sounds to me like Atkinson wants comprehensive immigration reform passed in order to gain more clients. 

Slanted cost projections from the CBO do not take into account the costs of future border crises - like the current Central American children's' surge - that immigration reform will surely bring.  Who takes into account American job loses that "comprehensive immigration reform" and the next surge of millions of undocumented will - without a doubt - bring?  How about the border crossing deaths that will continue?

Anyone who has truly studied the border, illegal immigration and illegal drugs knows that no amount of "border security" will stop hungry, motivated people from getting into the country or breaking the law.   

Mr. Atkinson writes "Immigration reform, by combining a path to citizenship with a crackdown on illegal hiring, will reward honest businesses and address the problem of cost cutting that leads to poor quality and dangerous conditions".

Anyone who is knowledgeable about  DHS or ICE interior immigration enforcement knows that "big business" will not allow mandatory E-verify to pass.  Mr. Atkinson would not be pitching comprehensive immigration reform if he did not know the value of undocumented labor.  Anyone who knows the truth about corporate business in America knows the big agriculture, hotel-motel, food processing and construction industries run on undocumented labor.

Again - anyone who is knowledgeable about immigration enforcement knows that ICE is about as effective at worksite enforcement as DEA is about enforcing illegal drug laws or Washington is about enforcing Wall Street Banking laws.

Mr. Atkinson's comprehensive immigration reform pitch is comparable to that of  Amazon's Mark Zuckerberg's H1-b fiasco.  Both pretend to stand up for the human rights of the undocumented when in fact their goals are to use the plight of the undocumented for their own selfish interests. 

Meanwhile if passed, US taxpayers will suffer the costs and consequences of another failed immigration reform scam.  Billions of  tax dollars poured into ineffective crony "border security" industries, millions of more undocumented pouring into the country, over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, job losses and unfair demographic changes to many American towns.

The true causes of the majority of US illegal immigration is Washington's own NAFTA and CAFTA trade policies.  Here again the US and undocumenteds' home country elite parley illegal immigration into remittances, cheap labor and billions of dollars in border security boodle.

I am happy to say that most Americans are becoming aware of  Washington's insidious system of greed driven, profit-driven illegal immigration which causes greed-driven, profit-driven "comprehensive immigration reform".  With that said Mr. Atkinson I think "comprehensive immigration reform" that does not address the root causes of illegal immigration is in fact dead.

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