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Blaming The Undocumented For Illegal Immigration Is Kind Of Like Blaming Climate Change On Bad Weather

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Blaming The Undocumented For Illegal Immigration Is Kind Of  Like Blaming Climate Change On Bad Weather

The joke is on all of you bigots who think that the undocumented are the problem.
Kind of like blaming climate change on the bad weather.
As long as you stay focused on the undocumented you can't focus on who and what not only purposely but insidiously causes illegal immigration.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Reform This: GM, Nissan and The Bi-National Elite Using NAFTA To Rape And Possibly Even Kill For Profit

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Reform This:  GM, Nissan and The Bi-National Elite Using NAFTA To Rape And Possibly Even Kill For Profit

GM flourishes under NAFTA by exporting US auto manufacturing jobs to Mexico thereby profiting from paying lower wages to Mexicans for assembling GM cars to be sold in the US. 

To add "insult to injury"  GM then profits by making less safe vehicles for sale in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

This is another example of the bi-national elite raping and even causing the death of bi-national citizens all in the quest for more and more profit.  The bi-national elite's system of profitized illegal immigration labor also results in the deaths of Mexican citizens crossing the border.

Check out this link where a Nissan auto worker in Mexico gets paid about $2.71 per hour (about one seventh of a US wage).

NAFTA exacerbates the decline of Detroit by shipping American jobs away.  NAFTA causes the largest influx of undocumented on record into the US.

Then NAFTA indirectly causes harm to Mexican and other Latin American citizens by selling cars to them with lower safety standards?

Meanwhile Washington's immigration reform does nothing to address all of these issues that Washington's NAFTA has created that cause harm to the good people in both countries? 

Then Bill Clinton supports Harvard University's selection of ex-Mexican "100,000 Dead" Drug War President Felipe Calderon as Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader?

Are you beginning to get the picture?  "We The People" on both sides of the border are being sold down the Tijuana River by Washington profiteers.   

Immigration Reform: We Have Met The Enemy Pogo - and Stupid Is As Stupid Does Forrest!

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Immigration Reform:  We Have Met The Enemy Pogo - and Stupid Is As Stupid Does Forrest!     

Over the years Mexican illegal immigration in particular and immigration reform in general have become so Washington propagandized that they have now become institutionalized money makers for the all of the elite involved.

The fight for the exchange of cheap labor for remittances and the continued illusion of border security have made billions upon billons for those in the know.   That is exactly what their reform does.  It legalizes 11.2 million workers while pumping billions more American's tax dollars into their illusionary border security complex. 

Meanwhile the pump is again primed for the next wave of undocumented, laboring, remittance-senders - later to become subjects of yet another US immigration reform.

This is no different than drugs and their war on drugs.

Many Americans are brainwashed into believing that Uncle Sam, Washington and the right political party will by God stop those illegal aliens from invading our border and stop those illegal drugs from causing all of our problems.    

The more they try to stop it, the more the two increase and the more those lying bribers make off of the both of them.  

Those are the insidious truths that should start immigration and drug war revolutions in Washington rather than accepting their decades old immigration and drug war bribes and rhetoric.

Immigration reform merely bribes Americans and the undocumented back into numb complacency. Once a problem is disguised and propagandized into something that it is not it cannot be reformed away.

Profitized Mexican poverty is the co-created problem of the bi-national elite which creates US illegal immigration.  Mexican illegal immigration will never be solved as long as they avoid discussing poverty as its root cause.

We have met the enemy Pogo, and stupid is as stupid does Forrest.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Immigration Reform: For "We The People" Or "We The Kleptocracy"?

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Immigration Reform:  For "We The People" Or "We The Kleptocracy"?

Start asking questions about why these 10 CEO's support immigration reform.  Is it out of the goodness of their hearts and caring for the undocumented and American taxpayers?  Of is their support simply their insidious version of the old "bate and switch" routine that only fattens their pockets?  

This comprehensive immigration reform calls for the increase of H1-b visas (high tech workers) from 65,000 per year to 115,000 per year.  These companies obviously have a sharp interest in immigration reform because they can pay foreign workers less than US workers.  

Do you suppose the Motorola CEO has any interests in reform's open-ended, border security contracts for billions upon billions of US tax dollars?  19,000 or maybe 38,000 walkie-talkies, 24 hour surveillance equipment, watch towers, camera systems, mobile surveillance systems, 1,000 distress beacons?

The Marriot CEO of that hotel conglomerate - does Marriot have any interests in legalizing present undocumented workers or encouraging more undocumented workers to come to the US for Marriot business interests?

These people are a bunch of self-serving hypocrites.   Comprehensive immigration reform boils down to some type of monetary advantage for all of these CEO's business interests. 

By the way, I wonder what their annual salaries are?  Do you think they actually represent "We The People" or We The Kleptocracy? 

Beyond all this, and maybe with the exception of Gates, who in this elite rich man or woman's club  will take a stand against the undocumenteds' home country poverty that pushed those undocumented here and continues to cause immense suffering to begin with?

Who in this group really stands for the poor people who will - because of this reform - become the next wave of US undocumented?  What about the Americans who for decades now have suffered the costs and the consequences of  the elite's poverty driven/profit driven illegal immigration status quo?

Nope.  They try and pass comprehensive reform by doing their own insidious version of the old "bate and switch" scam.  They use the very real, tragic and unjust stories of the undocumented to emotionally suck Americans into immigration reform, then they comprehensively pack that immigration reform bus with their H1-b visa and border security sections that increase their and their cronies' profits while throwing American taxpayers and workers under that same immigration reform bus.

If you look at this hard enough you will understand why Washington never effectively enforces border or interior immigration laws.  They need the never ending supply of illegal immigration in order to justify their never-ending requests for border security tax dollars.  They also need their never ending supply of deportations to keep immigration prisons full and give Americans the "proof" that something is being done about the problem. Yet with record deportations and apprehensions, Washington is trying to pass another amnesty AKA immigration reform.   I wonder why, do you?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The 5, 000 lb. Gorillas of Profirtized Mexican Illegal Immigration: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

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The 5, 000 lb. Gorillas of Profitized Mexican Illegal Immigration:  Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Look hard enough and you will see these 5,000 lb. Gorillas.  They are ubiquitously present, hidden, and misunderstood.  They are the bi-national governmental coyotes pushing the Mexican undocumented into the US.

They also sit in on Washigton's immigration reform meetings - silent partners if you will. 

Washington's immigration reform politicians do not talk about them and pretend they do not exist.  Most Americans can't see them because Washington's controlled media has dictated what they see and believe. Understandably Americans can't quite distinguish them from the symptomatic undocumented they do see and blame. 

Like a purposely misdiagnosed and propagandized illness they rage at the undocumented as the reasons (and therefore the solution to) their immigration problems rather than seeing or believing that these 5,000 lb. gorillas exist.      

Here in a nutshell is the bi-national (US/Mexican) scam that has us all immigration crazy:  they conspire to create and profit from Mexican poverty which exacerbates Mexican US illegal immigration which respectfully creates cheap labor for the US elite's economy and billions in remittances for the Mexican elite's economy.

This isn't hard.  You simply have to think for yourself and be willing to honestly and unequivocally assess our own government.  Study NAFTA.  Learn what NAFTA did to the Mexican poor.  Learn what it did to US jobs.  Learn what it did to US illegal immigration.

These three articles hopefully will get your curiosity ramped up.

This first article is about NAFTA.

This second link is our own US Department Of State's information about US relations with Mexico.

This article by William I. Robinson discusses US immigration reform on a global scale:

This is hard to digest.  Kind of like discovering a beloved Uncle Sam who has been secretly molesting our entire families for decades.

Washington elite take this self-created, self-enriching "problem" and parley it into billions of US tax dollar profits for their crony border security industries.  They parley "our problem"  into political capital and the recurring need for reform.

Is this immigration scenario not similar to our 40+ year long, profitized, institutionalized, never-ending war on drugs? 

The three, 5,000 lb., bi-national Gorillas are there - like it or not.  Washington and their Mexican cohorts will let them lie in wait in perpetuity.   How many other Gorillas do they have hiding in their Kleptocratic, mortgage meltdown,  Iraq war, failed health care, immigration reform (just to name a few) closets of corruption?      


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Wetback" - Indelibly And Regrettably Stamped On Some American Bigots' and Exceptionalists' Minds

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"Wetback" - Indelibly And Regrettably Stamped On Some American Bigots' and Exceptionalists' Minds

Turiano's comment represents the mindset of many brainwashed Americans.  Americans who have no idea of their own government's complicity in creation and continuation of America's own illegal immigration.

Americans who have no idea that the elite who run not only America but the undocumenteds' home countries too (especially Mexico) profit from economic policies that actually exacerbate conditions of poverty that push the undocumented into the US.

This is exactly what Clinton's 1994 NAFTA did.  We are fools if we believe Clinton did not know what NAFTA would do to Mexico.  Do you think it is simply a coincidence that the Clinton administration started "Operation Gatekeeper" in 1994 too?

If NAFTA was going to end illegal immigration as Clinton promised, why the simultaneous implementation of "Operation Gatekeeper" too?  Perhaps Washington knew exactly what NAFTA's dumping of US corn into Mexico and the 1991 introduction of WalMart and 1997 introduction of Sam's Club into Mexico would eventually do?

We have bi-national kleptocracies who have institutionalized the rape of not only the good people of Mexico, but the good people of America too.  Americans who continue to suffer the overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, loses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes to their towns, and the billions of tax dollar's poured into Washington's cronies' ineffective border security black hole .

Illegal immigration has become profitized and benefits only the bi-national elite.  Mexican (as well as El Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Honduran) undocumented would not come here if their corrupt home-county governments would provide a similar level of US prosperity at home. 

And anyone who thinks that Mexico does have the natural wealth and resources to do is part of the problem, not part of any solution.


This Immigration Reform Game Is Rigged By Our Kleptocracy And Mexico's Too

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This Immigration Reform Game Is Rigged By Our Kleptocracy And Mexico's Too

The bi-national Kleptocracy (US and Mexico) has profitized and institutionalized Mexican illegal immigration.

Neither side will allow the effective border or interior enforcement which would result in the unrigging of their game.

They won't allow the unrigging of Mexican poverty that results in 62% of our undocumented population in the US.

This reality of this bi-nationally rigged immigration game  also applies to illegal drugs and the billions upon billions of illicit bi-national profits made too. 

They make laws for their own profit by simultaneously breaking the laws and enforcing the laws too.

They literally have We The People (US citizens, the undocumented, and everyone else not part of their Kleptocracy) coming and going.


Mr. Obama Can't Stop Mexican Deportations But He Could Stop The Poverty That Causes Mexican Deportations

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Mr. Obama Can't Stop Mexican Deportations But He Could Stop The Poverty That Causes Mexican Deportations

First of all it is not to our best interest to stop all deportations.  DHS deports thousands of undocumented  "aggravated felons" from US state prisons who have convictions for violent criminal charges including murder.    

Anyone who thinks that there are not some real serious violent criminals who among the undocumented is wrong.  They need to be booted out of the US and never be able to return again period.

Unfortunately there are non-violent, strictly economic undocumented who are caught up in the system who are deported.  This of course works the same when people are caught entering the country. 

I suggest that everyone concerned about border arrests, deportations, family separations, border deaths, border militarization and immigration reform for 11.2 million people shift their focus to the actual cause of all of the above:  poverty. 

The undocumented, especially from Mexico (62%) and El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras (12%) would not come or stay here if their home country governments provided equal opportunities for their undocumenteds' prosperity in their own home countries. 

Mexican poverty is man-made.  It is not some mystical condition that an imaginary line called a border created by itself.  Mexican poverty and Mexican illegal immigration are results of the Mexican and US governments' economic policies and greed.

Mexican poverty and that of all of the other undocumenteds' countries is designed by the rich for their own self-enrichment. 

Just look what NAFTA has done to the Mexican poor.  There is enough Mexican wealth and prosperity to go around so that their poor are not pushed here to be used by the US elite (cheap labor, political gain).  Mexican poverty is the result of the bi-national elite's conspiracy: create and maintain poverty conditions that guarantee Mexican illegal immigration to the US.  The Mexican elite cash in on remittances, and the US elite cash in on cheap labor and border militarization.

There is no reason that US taxpayers should suffer the costs and consequences of the bi-national elite's insidious system of profitized Mexican illegal immigration.

We also need to address this rape of common people by the elite on a global scale.  The US and Mexican elite's example is but a microcosm of what the global elite are doing to good people all over the world.


Monday, November 25, 2013

What Kind Of Power Does The Mexican Government Hold Over Washington?

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If anywhere in America today anyone had a neighbor who caused as many problems as Mexico does for the US, wouldn't somebody do something about it?

Mexico supplies 62% of America's undocumented population.  Why in God's name isn't President Obama in Peña Nieto's Mexico's face demanding that they take care of their own citizens?

We have to pass reform here that includes a problem that Mexico causes 62% of?  And or leaders in Washington never criticize the corrupt Mexican government for any part it plays in this nightmare? 

There is something very wrong with this picture when Mexico and the US share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade yet we have some 6.8 million Mexican undocumented living in the US.

Their presence in the US costs US taxpayers billions of dollars - medical and educational expenses, job losses, and unfair demographic changes to American towns.

Americans generally are compassionate and generous- yet at what point do we put our feet down and demand that Washington take care of us?

It must be the type of government that makes the difference.  Just because there is an imaginary line between San Diego and Tijuana does not magically mean one side has more prosperity than the other.   

Why should American taxpayers have to pay when the corrupt Mexican government hoards wealth and does not provide opportunities for prosperity for its own people?

Why should Americans have to suffer the costs and consequences of the Mexican undocumented living in the US? 

Why should Americans have to build, maintain and patrol a border wall that is nearly 2,000 miles long?  Are Americans breaking Mexican laws?  Mexican smugglers profit by smuggling people from all over the world through Mexico.  Why do we let Mexico get away with that? 

We buy illegal Mexican drugs and Mexico buys illegal US guns.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  With that said, when is the last time a US gun smuggles tunneled into Mexico to smuggle guns south? 

Why does the US have to maintain Ports of Entry along the Mexican border that nearly one million people come north through on a daily basis?  Americans pay billions of dollars to construct Ports of Entry and to pay billons in wages of all of the government employees employed alone our border.

Why does Washington say nothing about the Mexican drug war that has sacrificed some 120,000 lives since Felipe Calderon started it in 2006? 

Are our two economies now (because of NAFTA) so intricately linked that we have to let the notoriously corrupt Mexican government dump its citizens upon us for US taxpayers to pay the price of admission?


Yes President Obama, Immigration Reform Is All About Political Fund Raising (Billions for Latino Votes and Billions For Washington's Border Security Black Hole)

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Yes President Obama, Immigration Reform Is All About Political Fund Raising (Billions for Latino Votes and Billions For Washington's Border Security Black Hole)

11.2 million undocumented potential voters (the majority of who are from Latin American countries (Mexico{60%}, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras {10% combined} who all  have slipped through the fingers of DHS and US "border security") are now being offered immigration reform's RPI status (13 years of labor peonage) in exchange for possible US citizenship.

But wait!   Said reform will authorize the spending of somewhere between 4.5 to 10 billion US taxpayer' dollars in order to "secure the border" that somehow let these 11.2 million undocumented people got past them to begin with?

Read the fine print of S.744 (The Senates Immigration bill).  There is a reason (beyond the goodness of his heart) that Mark Zuckerberg supports this.  There are also billions of reasons that our "war" against illegal immigration is now starting to look a lot (an awfully lot) like the our "war on drugs".   For those of you who do not know, the US war on drugs started over 40 years ago and the dollar price tag is over one trillion dollars.  And as with the war on illegal immigration, how can anyone know the actual toll of human suffering these "wars" cost?

I wonder if there is anyone else in the US who has profited off of the 11.2 million undocumented people working and living here?  Common sense dictates that there must be undocumented workers in the agricultural, fast food, construction and hotel-motel sectors of our economy.  By the way, do you know that the undocumented can be due paying members of the AFL/CIO and affiliate member unions without having to show proof of US citizenship, legal residency or work authorization?

God only knows that DHS (ICE) is just about as effective in fining employers who hire the undocumented as they are in effectively stopping the undocumented.

Bottom line - we are all being ripped off by Washington's self-serving immigration reform.  None of us should let them do anything until they address the undocumenteds' home country poverty as the root cause of Washington's profit-driven system of illegal immigration.


The Never-Ending Exploitation Of The Undocumented And US Taxpayers Needs To Be Revolutionized - Not Reformed

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Their Never-Ending Exploitation Of The Undocumented And US Taxpayers Needs To Be Revolutionized  - Not Reformed

How does anyone in their right mind believe in the "reform" of a governmental system of profitized illegal immigration that simultaneously exploits the undocumented and US taxpayers too?

Their never-ending system that abuses the undocumented for cheap labor and US citizens by stealing their border security tax dollars needs to be revolutionized, not reformed.

"Reform" insidiously rearranges the undocumenteds' and US taxpayers deck chairs on the USS Illegal Immigration Titanic. The profiteers who are doing the reforming of course are traveling on another liner - The USS Kleptocracy.

    Sunday, November 24, 2013

    Immigration Reform And Mexican Illegal Immigration - Mexico Needs To Clean Up Its Act

    Immigration Reform And Mexican Illegal Immigration - Mexico Needs To Clean Up Its Act

    I spoke with Representative Scott Tipton a couple years ago after a town hall meeting in Ridgway, Colorado.  As a retired US Border Patrol Agent I explained my concerns that Washington never criticized the corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in Mexican illegal immigration to the US.  I also expressed my concerns about the thousands of innocent Mexican citizens killed as a result of Mexican President Felipe Calderon's use of the Mexican military's to fight their US sponsored cartel drug war.    

    Mr. Tipton told me "Mexico needs to clean up its act".  I could not believe that a US politician actually said that - even during a semi-private conversation.

    So whose fault is it that Mexico supplies 62% of our total undocumented?  Unfortunately many American's believe it is solely the undocumenteds' faults for breaking our laws.

    Yet how many Americans understand the negative effect Clinton's NAFTA had upon Mexico resulting in record breaking influx of undocumted to the US?  How many Americans understand the current US backed drug war in Mexico which has sacrificed some 120,000 lives?  How many Americans understand that Mexico and the US currently share 1.25 billion dollars in daily cross border trade and that Mexico is our number two source of oil?  How many Americans know that Mexico's undocumented citizens living in the US send billions of dollars in remittances back into Mexico annually?   How many Americans understand that nearly one million people legally cross through Mexico north into the US on a daily basis?  How many Americans know about the significant increase in Mexican drug war asylum cases and the historical  high rate of US denial of those cases?   How many Americans know that US and Global banks have been caught laundering Mexican cartel profits?

    How many Americans know that ex-Mexican "100,000 Dead" drug war President Felipe Calderon is has been awarded Harvard University's 2012 First Angelopoulos Global Leader award and lucrative fellowship? 

    I wonder if Mexico would implode if we actually sealed our border.  I wonder if it is even financially possible for the US to seal the Mexican border.  I wonder why we fight a 40+ year long drug war that has done nothing more but fill US prisons and cartel leaders off-shore bank accounts while destroying many peoples lives.

    I wonder why two supposedly friendly, neighboring countries share a border fence that looks like to two countries are at war, not at trade.           


    The Bi-National (US/Mexico) Elite's Greed/Profit Driven Illegal Immigration and Drug Wars - A Paradigm Shift

    The Bi-National (US/Mexico) Elite's Greed/Profit Driven Illegal Immigration and Drug Wars -  A Paradigm Shift

    The Simultaneous Exploitation of Mexico's Undocumented And US Taxpayers

    A Paradigm Shift To End The Bi-National Suffering   

    The Challenge

    How to expose their insidious, bi-national, cancerous greed that creates, drives and maintains Mexican illegal immigration and US drug addiction.

    Mexican Illegal Immigration

    I use the example of Mexican illegal immigration because Mexico represents 62% of the undocumented population of the US.  Another 12% come from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who have most logically to have entered the US through Mexico.

    To understand the dynamics of Mexican illegal immigration is to understand all US illegal immigration. 

    The bi-national elite are consumed by their insatiable greed and have insidiously conspired to exploit the (Mexican) undocumented as a never-ending source of expendable,  profitable, cheap labor for the US elite and billions in the undocumenteds' remittances in return for their home-country elite's economies.

    Read how Clinton's 1994 NAFTA raped good people on both sides of the border:

    On the global level - the global elite's profitized exploitation of individual countries' migrants and individual countries' taxpayers.

    Typical American Stereotypical and Brainwashed Thinking

    Here is a typical American's myopic and propagandized view of Mexican illegal immigration:  secure the border and deport all illegals.  This will finally stop those invaders from making their decisions to break our laws and come here. 

    The "secure the border" banner has for decades glossed over and clouded American voter's eyes, specifically Reagan's 1986 Amnesty and Clinton's 1994 NAFTA.

    Both Reagan's and Clinton's propaganda promised and failed to effectively control illegal imigration.

    Twenty year's later Clinton's NAFTA has produced an insidiously corrupt economic relationship between the two countries.  The two nation's share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Mexico is Washington number two largest source of oil.  US investors invest more capital in Mexico than any other nations.

    So why can't these two supposedly "democratic" and prosperous nations solve Mexican illegal immigration?

    Mexican Illegal Drugs

    There is a dark side to the two countries' relations.  Mexico supplies America's needs for drugs, and America supplies Mexico's needs for guns.  Then there is the ongoing US backed Mexican drug war which was officially started by Mexican President Calderon in 2006.  Today over 120,000 Mexicans (including several US citizens and two US agents) have been sacrificed in Mexico's biggest cartel of them all - The Mexican Government's - attempt to "take out" its cartel competition.

    Ultimately their bi-national greed for profit is what drives illegal immigration and illegal drugs.  Unfortunately we have been brainwashed into fighting immigration and drug war battles that camouflage the elite's true motives while institutionalizing their unjust perpetual wars.

    What Washington does not address is why the flow of Mexican illegal immigration and drugs are happening.  They only profit from going to war with how the horrendous, decades-long, designed results keep continuing happen.

    They pretend to care about the causes while ineffectively dealing with the effects.  They have institutionalized crony profits by ineffectively dealing with the problems of illegal immigration and drugs for over 40 years.  Their border security industrial complex would be out of work if Washington would agree to resolving rather than prolonging these problems.

    Washington doesn't ask why illegal immigration and illegal drugs happen, they just have profitized pretending to fix the horrendous results of the two happening.   As if fighting the results will bring resolution to the whys. 

    Their corporate cronies simultaneously profit from both illegal problems and their feigned attempts to stop both problems. 

    Literally they got us coming and going

    Does that not apply to the millions of deported undocumented and the US taxpayers who fund this insanity?  Does this not apply to the millions of drug addicts coming and going - in and out - of privatized crony prisons?  Does that not apply to the tax payers who continually suffer the costs and consequences of both scams? 

    So how we shift the paradigm of Mexican illegal immigration and illegal drugs?

    This is no easy task when the bi-national elite use their own media to camouflage their injustices and point American and Mexican thinking in the wrong direction and towards the wrong solution. 

    Their injustices are perpetually hidden by dictating the parameters of the problem to the voters.  Secure Our Borders!  Just Say No To Drugs!  We the people end up fighting the wrong battles.  Regarding current immigration legislation  we are asked to "reform" Washington's own corrupt immigration system that has proven ineffective for decades.  Immigration reform translates to balancing the books with 11.2 million undocumented, and charging taxpayers billion more for ineffective border security.

    Border Fences and  6'X10' Cages  

    Finally what has the border - a militarized 2,000 mile-long line designed to isolate and separate millions of good people, and jail cells - millions of 6'X10' cages designed to isolate and separate millions of sick and addicted people -  done to effectively satisfy their insidious, insatiable greed?


    Saturday, November 23, 2013

    The Designed To Be Insidious Cycle Of Profit Driven Illegal Immigration

    The Designed To Be Insidious Cycle Of Profit Driven Illegal Immigration

    This designed, insidious cycle - poverty, illegal immigration, cheap labor, remittances, arrest, deport, reform, ad infinitum - and the cancer of greed that maintains it - is what needs to be exposed and attacked. This could be done with a bi-national approach by all concerned - 11.2 million undocumented, their supporters, and Americans who will take the time to see through these "reform" lies.

    home country poverty
    illegal immigration
    use and abuse of undocumented laborers
    home country remittances
    profitized US enforcement response (militarized border, prison detentions, deportations, apprehensions)
    reform - mind reset back to zero as "securing the border" is propagandized and promised again

    Immigration Reform, Burros, and Carrot Dangling: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein

    In response:

    Immigration Reform, Burros, and Carrot Dangling:  "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" -   Albert Einstein

    Washington politicians are currently dangling the "secure the border" and eVerify immigration  reform carrots out in front of American burro voters as their final fix to illegal immigration  - and they fall it.

    Washington also dangles this "Registered Provisional Immigrant"  (RPI) reform bribery carrots -  i.e. 13 years of labor for possible US citizenship - out in front of to the current 11.2 million undocumented and their supporting burros - and they fall for it.

    For decades now the Mexican and US elite keep dangling the "El Norte prosperity" carrot out in front of  poor Mexican burros and they keep falling for it. 

    For decades now some Washington immigration propagandists/racists have dangled the "invading criminals" carrots out in front of American voters:  and they fall for it.

    The trickle-down affect of the bi-national elite's continual, self-enriching, insidious, immigration carrot dangling produces more poverty, more illegal immigration, more arrests, more deportations, more reform, more border security billions, and more proof that we will do this over and over again ad infinitum and have to be nuts to keep chasing those dangling carrots. . 

    Immigration Reform: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different 
    results" -   Albert Einstein

    So how long will we keep falling for it?  How may more people will die because when it comes to Washington and illegal immigration, we are a bunch of burros.

    Biden and Obama Bribe The Undocumented To Maintain Our Insidious Illegal Immigration Status Quo

    Biden and Obama Bribe The Undocumented To Maintain Our Insidious Illegal Immigration Status Quo

    Do you really think Biden or Obama care about the undocumented?  If they did, why doesn't or hasn't either condemned our bordering Mexican drug war that has sacrificed some 120,000 lives since 2006? 

    Mexico supplies 62% of our undocumented yet neither of these supposed leaders of ours say one word about their home-country drug war?   Why do they remain silent about Mexican human rights in Mexico, but waive their immigration reform flag here?

    Mexican illegal immigration, Mexican illegal drugs, our bi-national economies and our bi-national politics are all insidiously connected whether you are willing to see it our not.  Immigration reform is just the tip of their scandalous bi-national iceberg that is causing now - and for decades has caused -  tremendous suffering and even death on both sides of the border.

    Here is a transcript of VP Biden's recent 9/20/2013 speech at the "US Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue"

    Here is a copy of President Obama's El Paso Texas border speech on 5/10/21011

    Where is the bi-national outrage?  Obama scams Latino votes speaking and facing directly across from "ground zero" of the Mexican drug war - Ciudad Juarez - and insulting Mexican drug war victims and families by saying nothing of that US backed war?

    Read both speeches.  All that these two profiteers talk about or really care about is how the bi-national economy is doing and how they can keep their bi-national kleptocracy rolling in the money.

    To the undocumented and their supporters:  you are being used as for decades now Washington's actions have repeatedly demonstrated that will effectively stop (Mexican) illegal immigration. 

    This is nothing more than a twisted, profitized bi-national version of The Hunger Games - Mexican Hunger Games that is - where both governments profit from hungry people being forced to cross over our ever-more militarized southern border.

    Stand up with integrity and stop both of these maniacal government's from raping not only you and your people, but Americans too.

    Their immoral immigration reform is nothing short of a despicable attempt to bribe you and to keep you playing the same game that your parents - and their parents - have had to play for generations.

    We need to stop them and force them to address the insidious poverty that pushes people here.
    If you don't - and you sell out your integrity for their 13 year bribe - you are part of the self-serving, never-ending immoral problem - and not part of an  honorable solution.

    Friday, November 22, 2013

    Who Benefits From Washington's Arrest/ Deport/ Reform/Up The Ante Immigration Reform?

    In Response:

    Who Benefits From Washington's Arrest/ Deport/ Reform/Up The Ante Immigration Reform?

    Immigration Reform Benefits The Same Elite Responsible For Illegal Immigration

    Reform is an insidious compromise by our kleptocracy and their shill politicians.  It gives the illusion that something is really being done to stop illegal immigration (and all related problems) when it in fact it institutionalizes illegal immigration and immigration reform as the profit driven systemic scams that they are.  

    Is bribing 11.2 million people (with a chance at possible US citizenship) by offering them 13 years of labor peonage (and implied voter allegiance) anything short of the continued rapes of those already held as economic hostages?

    American taxpayers are hostages too. "Reform" soaks them for billions more in tax dollars gifted to Washington's crony border-security enforcement complex whose very existence depends upon continued illegal immigration.  We have been repeatedly assured of the effective control of the border but are held hostage to Washington's arrest-deport-reform-up the ante, ad infinitum illegal immigration cycle. 

    Meanwhile the likes of Mark Zuckerberg gets to nearly double the H-1b foreign workers that he profits from at the expense of US taxpayer's while pretending to care about the undocumented?

    The only people who really benefit from "immigration reform" are the same people responsible for decades of  illegal immigration i.e. the undocumenteds' home-country elite and the US elite too.  Remittances in exchange for labor and profitized, political reform is a money maker for all involved (expect the US undocumented, the home-country poor, and US taxpayers).

    I know many good people from both sides of the fence want this nightmare to end.  We actually need each other.  Supporters of the undocumented have seen what happens when Washington gets involved and the results are more of the same.

    We need a revolution and that can only come from the people (immigrants, citizens, the undocumented, and the supporters of both here and at home).

    I am a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent who is willing to go to bat for the undocumented and US citizens.  I will do that only if we as a group go for their jugular -  the elite's profitization and corruption of poverty which pushes people here for said elite's further enrichment.

    How many undocumented people do you know would come or stay here if they could have similar prosperity at home? 

    We attack the US and home-country corruption that keeps profit-driven illegal immigration in place.         

    Narco-Hell Is Empty And All Of The Narco-Kleptocrats And Capos Are Here

    Narco-Hell Is Empty And All Of The Narco-Kleptocrats And Capos Are Here

    An adaption of  William Shakespeare's quote:  "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

    Can anything get more despicable or reprehensible than this? 

    As far the US and Mexico go:  "designed for profit" poverty promoting the dreamy elixir hopes of narco - wealth and fame. 

    The harsh realities of hopelessness, poverty and delusionary political lies fueled by a government-sponsored "drug war". 

    In 2006 Mexican President Felipe Calderon starts Mexico's US backed "war on drugs". 

    This is Mexico folks, not Switzerland.  Calderon, who was elected by voter fraud, "decides" to use the Mexican Military to go to war with Mexican drug cartels.  In some ways this is very similar to the US government going to war against Wall Street. 

    In the same way that Washington is Wall Street, the Mexican Government is the biggest drug cartel of them all.  And both respectively are going to war against Wall Street organized crime and drug cartel organized crime?

    Maybe in some fantasy world were cancer goes to war against cancer.

    Anyone who believes the drug war propaganda (the "good" government guys fighting the "bad" cartel guys)  has lost his or her frickin' mind.  Both are getting filthy rich while the good people on both sides of the fence suffer.

    This is way beyond astonishing to me and sadly, shamefully reveals quite clearly the character of our leaders in Washington and the many other Americans who unquestionably follow them and trust their leadership.

    Washington says and does absolutely nothing about Calderon's use of the Mexican Military to go to war with Mexican drug cartels resulting in the deaths of over 120,000 Mexican citizens?  This Mexican drug war is nothing short of a corporate takeover - Mexican cartel style.

    Where is the outrage in American?  Forget Washington - they are bought and paid for.  But what about you?  Harvard University glorifies Calderon with their First (Clinton) Angelopoulos Global Leaders Award and lucrative fellowship?

    Why does our government sponsor this?  Why does our government sponsor our own 40+ year long, failed, war on drugs?  Answer one and you answer both.  The elite who run not only our kleptocracy but Mexico's kleptocracy too are addicted to their own insatiable, blood-thirsty, greed and power.

    Do you think the people of Mexico don't know all of this? The results there are horrendous narco-violence.  The results here are decades of US drug addiction, pain, and prison incarceration.  Think of not only the US but the global violence that is connected to the manufacturing, distribution, sales and consumption of illegal drugs. 

    We sit back on our lazy duffs and let all of this happen.  We blindly trust Washington has a handle on the drug war and the war on terrorism - which of course makes us just as much "players" in this insanity as anyone else who is involved.  We promote it because we allow it.

    All of the above of course is sanctioned by the kleptocracies who make the real narco-profit through prohibition, violence, drug wars, their drug enforcement industrial complex, the narco-control of all populations involved, border militarization, all of which is  of course promoted and dispersed by one narco-elite controlled media or another.     

    Thursday, November 21, 2013

    Piecemeal Immigration Reform? Start With The Most Pressing Issue - Mexican Illegal Immigration

    Piecemeal Immigration Reform?  Start With The Most Pressing Issue - Mexican Illegal Immigration

    From the article:  “The American people are skeptical of big, comprehensive bills, and they should be,” Boehner said. “The only way to make sure immigration reform works this time is to address these complicated issues one step at a time.”

    I spend a good 4 hours a day reading different immigration related articles from different news sources.  I also take some time to read some of the many readers' comments made about those articles.

    I would say that 98% of the time that people post comments those comments are about illegal immigration and the enforcement (or lack of enforcement) of immigration laws.

    Mr. Boehner is right.  Comprehensive reform is too big and it evolves too many competing interests.

    Repeating again what Mr. Boehner said:  “The only way to make sure immigration reform works this time is to address these complicated issues one step at a time.”

    Mr. Boehner - if Washington really wants to make sure that reform "works this time" I suggest that you start off with the single most pressing topic - illegal immigration.  I also request that you start off with the country that has the most undocumented people present in the US today (62% of the 11.2 million) - Mexico.

    If Washington is truly considering a piecemeal approach to illegal immigration isn't it logical for them to start with illegal immigration coming from our direct southern neighbor?  It's not like we have to go to Iraq to study this.

    OK, hold on with your antiquated border security rhetoric.  You do know that definition of insanity and doing things over and over again the same way, right?

    I say we need to look at Mexican illegal immigration other ways besides the tried and failed "border security" mindset which has proven ineffective since Reagan's Amnesty of 1986.  If it was effective we would not have 11.2 million undocumented here now.

    Washington needs to study Mexican illegal immigration from an impartial look at NAFTA.  They need to explain why the largest US influx of Mexican undocumented came after NAFTA.   They need to explain how the US and Mexican elite share some 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, yet Mexico still has more undocumented here than anyone else?  They need to explain why two supposedly democratic neighboring governments stand by and let one's citizens die while crossing the others border desserts and mountains - just to find work.  Washington needs to explain why they support the Mexican government's war on drugs knowing of the historic, systemic corruption of Mexico's government and knowing that some 120,000 people have been sacrificed in their failed, joint drug-war venture.

    So let's cut to the chase Washington.  Are you really serious about effectively stopping Mexican illegal immigration to the US?  Would the Mexican leg of the NAFTA stool collapse in the process?  Would that in turn cause ours and then Canada's to collapse also?   Is Mexican oil (your second largest source) and trade more important to you than stopping Mexican illegal immigration?  Are your cronies' profits made from Mexican oil, trade, and drugs more important to you than the welfare of both US and Mexican citizens?

    So please, Mr. Boehner, address Mexican illegal immigration and how to "reform" it.  And please Mr. Boehner, don't give us that same "border security", eVerify, employer sanctions propaganda that we have heard since 1986.  We know that you can't get to there from here.


    Deferred Action: How To Placate Rather Than Solve

    Deferred Action:  How To Placate Rather Than Solve 

    Deferred action is another non-solution to the problem of generations of  US illegal immigration. 

    Why? Because neither of Washington's use of deferred action or their attempted immigration reform  address the insidious, illegal-immigration generating home-country poverty that drives the undocumented to the US in the first place.

    This is nutty making!  For example - after Reagan's 1986 Amnesty which failed to effectively stop illegal immigration as promised, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA comes along and contributes to Mexican poverty that results in the largest influx of undocumented to the US on record.

    Tell the truth Washington:  you do not want to effectively stop the Mexican illegal immigration that  accounts for 62% of the undocumented in the US.  Somebody profits from their labor and remittances sent back home.  Somebody profits from the US border security industrial complex who continually increases its profit by its ever expanding border budgets, arrests, detentions and deportations of the undocumented.

    Then what do our Washington profiteers try and do?  Another reformed amnesty that attempts to legalize 11.2 million people rather than fix the problem that pushed them here to begin with?  Are you people out of your minds?

    I used to work as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE Agent.  During my entire 26 year career I never felt once that the different administrations I worked under were ever serious about stopping illegal immigration.

    It has taken my 8 years in retirement to understand why.  Illegal immigration, like our 40+ year long war on illegal drugs, is a political and economical means to and end.  The end for those in charge is profit.  The means - illegal immigration, labor, remittances, border militarization - are not meant to solve the problem.  In other words if the problem is solved their end game of profit is over.

    Deferred action is another means to their profit end.  It is another way that the rich who run our country ensure their never-ending,  poverty-driven, profit-driven illegal immigration cycle will continue.

    So Washington throws its immigration reform hands up in the air.  They blame each other rather than admit that they are really on the same kleptocratic team raping the undocumented for labor, and US taxpayers for billions in ineffective border security dollars.  They will throw the undocumented deferred action or Dream Act bones but they will do anything to upset the 1.25 billion dollars a day trade they have with the notoriously corrupt, 120,000 drug war dead Mexican government.

    We are being immigration scammed and raped.  This is no different than their sucking the life out of us with failed health care, continual military wars, mortgage banking meltdowns and the destruction of our environment.

    We don't need deferred anything by our government.  We need revolution.   

    "Deferred action is a discretionary determination to defer removal action of an individual as an act of prosecutorial discretion. Deferred action does not provide an individual with lawful status."
    Read about


    Are Dreamers Merely Pawns In Zuckerberg's H1-b High Tech Visa Game?

    In Response:

    Are Dreamers Merely Pawns In Zuckerberg's H1-b High Tech Visa Game?

    Dear Dreamers,

    Please explain how Zuckerberg's efforts for immigration reform are going to alleviate the insidious poverty that drove your parents and you to the US to begin with?

    Are you being paid (used) by Zuckerberg to further his H1-b visa cause so that you can profit and send more remittances back home?  Is that really the win-win scenario you are trying to create?

    Think for a minute:  is what you are doing going to help the millions of other people who will flee as your parents did to the US to escape their poverty? 

    Shame on you!  You want changes in immigration laws to serve yourselves, yet what are you dong to fight for the others who will follow (and may die) in your footsteps?

    Demand something bigger than what you have been blessed with.  Demand that your cause include the fight against the same injustices that not only caused your suffering, but global and American suffering too.

    Read this article about US immigration reform and see just where you and those to follow you fit into the picture:

    Are you being used just like your parents and Americans have been used too?  Your parents were used by the bi-national elite (your home-country elite and that of the US) who profited by creating their poverty and ensuing illegal immigration to the US.  Americans suffer too because they the costs and consequences of the elite's profit-driven illegal immigration are dumped upon them.

    Again are you pawns in Zuckerberg's plan to attempt to push the 65,000 high tech H-1b visas for his empire to 115,00?   

    You may indeed get what you want, but at what cost to the other undocumented who will follow in your footsteps?  Why in God's name are you not doing something to help them?

    If you do not include in your struggles the fight against the poverty that drove you here, your greed is basically no different than Washington's or Zuckerberg's.  Your greed smothers your integrity as you now blindly support the same corporate corruption that has abused your families and ancestors for many generations. 

    Do you think Zuckerberg would embrace you if Washington's attempt at immigration reform did not include increasing H1-b visas for his high tech empire?  Has he or any of his minions indicated a desire of taken any actions to address the poverty that has hurt us all?

    I say make Zuckerberg put some of his money where his mouth is.  He is indeed a philanthropist - so is there any reason he cannot use his money and influence to fight the poverty that brought you to his doorstep?

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013

    Continued Ilegal Immigration Is Not Fair To The Good People Of The US Or Mexico

    In response:

    Continued Illegal Immigration Is Unfair To The Good People Of The US And Mexico

    This is a great story and we wish Jessica all the best. 

    I also have a request of Jessica.  Please study and learn the reasons why the people of Mexico (and other countries) need to leave their homes and families to come illegally to the US. 

    Jessica you are blessed that you made it and I believe it happened to you for a reason. 

    Unfortunately there are millions more good people in Mexico who are not so blessed.  There are millions more  who only want to have a change at some level of prosperity for themselves and their families. 

    Those of us who have been around awhile know that millions more people like you and your family will try and come to the US.  It appears that this current Washington immigration reform attempt will fail.  I am glad about that.  I am glad because ultimately Washington's reform would continually create and promote the very conditions that keep undocumented people coming here.

    I am glad because this reform only puts a band aid on the cancer that causes the need for reform to begin with.      

    From my perspective the rich people who really run the US and Mexican (or all of the undocumenteds' home governments) systematically use and abuse citizens of both countries for their own financial gain.  The US rich use the Mexican poor for labor and political purposes;  The Mexican rich use the Mexican poor for cash remittances.  Both elite gain financial benefits from illegal immigration.  Of course in the US we have the decades long political and enforcement industries that thrive upon illegal immigration.  The Mexican elite also thrive off of US drug addiction. 

    With all this said - one reality that is constantly left out of immigration reform discussions is the fact that millions of Americans also suffer costs and consequences of the 11.2 million undocumented here today.

    Is it fair to Americans to have to suffer undocumented people overcrowding hospital emergency rooms and school services?  It is fair to Americans to lose jobs to the undocumented?  Is it fair to Americans to have their hometown demographics rapidly changed because of the same bi-national elite's greed that helped push you and your family here?

    None of this is fair to the good people of Mexico nor is it fair to the good people of America. 

    My request Jessica is that you study and take on this problem that has hurt so many people.  Study it from the realities of all people involved. It won't be easy because the bi-national elite will fight any significant attempts at changes.

    If you study this you will discover that illegal migration is a global problem affecting billions of people. 

    The truth is that there is enough wealth, jobs, and prosperity for us all.  We just have to somehow level the playing fields and bring our bi-national and global leaders back to their senses.     

    A TED "Must See" - Rodrigo Canales - The Deadly Genius of Drug Cartels

    A must see for better our better understanding of Mexican drug cartels.

    Rodrigo Canales - The Deadly Genius of Drug Cartels


    Is Zuckerberg Criminally Using The Undocumented For His Own Self Profit?

    Is Zuckerberg Criminally Using The Undocumented For His Own Self Profit?

    Who is Zuckerberg trying to kid by using undocumented hackers to push for immigration reform?  Does this move by Zuckerberg result from some deep compassion and caring for the suffering of 11.2 million undocumented and the countless millions remaining in their home countries? 

    Or is Zuckerberg simply demonstrating how the majority of corporate tech leaders and other greedy industry billionaires (agriculture, hotel - motel, food services, garment, construction) are using the undocumented to push through immigration reform in order to obtain more H1-b visas for their own self-profiting agendas?

    If Zuckerberg really wants to help the undocumented then I suggest that he use his power and influence to address poverty - especially the undocumenteds' home-country poverty - as the root of the evil that pushes them here.  

    Otherwise - Zuckerberg's  effort will simply increase the status quo we all know:  profit driven poverty drives profit-driven illegal immigration (exchanging labor for remittances) driving billions of dollars in profit to Washington's crony border security industrial complex driving more illegal immigration driving the entire profit driven cycle to repeat itself.

    I find it ironic that Zuckerberg puts foreign laborers in front of US workers in the very country that made Zuckerberg the billionaire that he is today.

    And by the way ICE, isn't Zuckerberg knowingly aiding, abetting, harboring and employing illegal aliens with this hackathon under 8 USC 1324 (a)(1)(A)(iv)?  and  8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)?


    Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    Dreamers And Immigration Reform: Your "Selfie" "In Your Face" Activism Will Not Help Your Cause

    Dreamers And Immigration Reform:  Your "Selfie" "In Your Face" Activism Will Not Help Your Cause
    Dear Dreamers,

    For many decades now illegal immigration has caused immense suffering on both sides of the fence - not just yours.  If you really want American support for your cause you will need to respectfully shift your focus to an all-inclusive solution - not just your own.  

    Most Americans are generous and compassionate and will agree that you as Dreamers have a legitimate cause to stay in the US legally.  

    With that said, your cause includes grown-up responsibilities of not only thinking of your "Selfie" selves but thinking of the millions of others who illegal immigration has affected and will continue to affect in the future too.

    I suggest that you ask your parents why they came here to begin with.  My guess is that they will say that poverty or the lack of jobs at home caused them to come here.

    If that is what they tell you, then that is what also needs to be addressed here - and at home -  in order to stop this insanity.  And if you are not familiar with your home-countries' economic ties with the US then that is the place to start.

    Check out this article on NAFTA and the Department of States' propaganda about the "relations" of the US and Mexico:

    And just as importantly - take the time to consider and ask Americans what illegal immigration has done to them too.  The same root cause that drove your parents here is the same root cause that has also caused American suffering.

    Think about this:  Americans have had to absorb the changes in their lives that millions of undocumted people have unfairly brought to them.  That includes overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, losses of job, higher taxes for border security, rapid and unplanned demographic changes to their towns, and the reduced quality of medical and educational services that illegal immigration brings.   

    Dreamers:  you do not live in a vacuum;  attacking this problem with an "in your face" attitude is immature,  rude and selfish.  It promises to alienate people who would otherwise support your

    Monday, November 18, 2013

    How Can We Feed The Flame Of Immigration Revolt?

    How Can We Feed The Flame Of Immigration Revolt?

    Chris I will be on US/Mexican border with my pitchfork! 

    My passion lies in an immigration revolution because Washington's current reform fiasco is nothing but political bribery. They try and bribe 11.2 million undocumented with a shot at US citizenship (in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage) while trying to bamboozle US taxpayers out of billions more tax dollars being pumped down their "ineffective by design" border security black hole.

    Meanwhile the US elite and their insidiously corrupt NAFTA trading partner to the south share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. We are dependent upon Mexico as our number two source of oil. US addicts pay billions for their drugs. In turn US taxpayers pay billions to incarcerate our addicted and their undocumented.

    Now you all know about Mexican "120,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon being awarded Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader's award and lucrative fellowship, no?

    Back to the peaceful (now I said peaceful NSA/FBI/DHS) revolution: millions of undocumented and their supporters on both sides of the border - jamming up their 1.25 billion a day in cross border trade and jamming up ICE and US Immigration with millions of requests for immigration hearing and/or asylum.

    My god have they not been persecuted as a NAFTA and/or drug war group (in order to fit US asylum rules)?

    Can we as US citizens apply for asylum from Washington's persecuting kleptocracy?

    Americans and Failed Immigration: ¡Estamos hasta la madre también!
    Americans and Failed Immigration:  ¡Estamos hasta la madre también!

    Dreamers:  How can you "reform"  a corrupt immigration system so that it stops pushing and pulling good people (like your parents) away from their homes counties?

    Washington's reform is a bribe.  It is a pacifier.  It is an attempt to placate you and 11.2 million undocumented in order to keep their insidious profitized illegal immigration system in place. 

    What system?  The same one I have not only worked within as a US Border Patrol/ICE agent. but have studied for close to 33 years. 

    It is a system designed to profiting from poverty, illegal immigration, cheap labor, remittances, and recurring political reforms.  It is a system insidiously crafted to use you the undocumented and us  - the American taxpayers.  

    What does their reform do to alleviate the very suffering that caused your parents or millions of other undocumented to come here?  

    I am all for human rights.  I am not for granting reform that may temporarily satisfy you BUT throws  millions of your home-country relatives and friends on and under the next illegal immigration reform bus that will - without a doubt - come.  

    I suggest thinking about derailing and exposing the entire corrupt system and not just taking a "bone" that it throws you for its self enrichment.

    Their reform will not address the reasons that 11.2 million undocumented are here.  It - with your concurrences - simply puts a Band-Aid on it.

    I ask that you step up the plate and demand the cure to their cancerous greed - not another temporary reform Band-Aid. 

    Another suggestion;  please realize that your acceptance of this or their next similar reform throws millions of compassionate and generous Americans under the immigration bus again too. 

    We have the right to say "estamos hasta la madre" too.  With that said, I suggest not forgetting how  this insidious system that unfortunately contributed to your presence here has affected million of common Americans too.

    Acknowledge the truth.  Americans as well as you need to be educated.  The majority of Americans  will not your enemy unless (or until) you disregard their rights as victims too. 

    Include Americans to unite against our common abusers!


    Pacts With The Devil - NAFTA, The Mexican Drug War, and US Immigraton Reform

    Washington's NAFTA and support of the ongoing Mexican drug war certainly illustrate where the interests of the bi-national elite lie. 

    Twenty years of NAFTA and today's 1.25 billion dollars a day in bi-national trade certainly appear rosy to some - but not to all.  US corn dumped into Mexico snuffed out the farming lives of small corn farmers.  Wal-Mart certainly the same to many small Mexican business too. 

    NAFTA coincided with the largest influx of undocumented in recorded history.  Was that a coincidence?  Do you wonder why Clinton stated the largest fencing militarization of the border project in San Diego at the same time?

    I can't help but think that Clinton and Washington knew exactly how NAFTA would affect Mexico and Mexican illegal immigration to the US.  I think it was planned.

    Mexican poverty and border deaths are the cost of doing NAFTA business as is simultaneously shipping out US jobs while importing the Mexican undocumented and others.

    Now toss in the Washington supported Mexican drug war which was stated by Washington crony Mexican President Felipe Calderon in 2006.  Where is the outrage in the US?  120,000+ people sacrificed in "our" on going, no end in sight drug war

    How does Washington's present attempt to reform immigration fit into the above?  Increased border militarization costing US taxpayers billions more and the bribery of  11.2 million undocumented.  Thirteen years of labor peonage in exchange for a chance at US citizenship.  Maybe.

    Just how much darker can Washington's relationship with the Mexican government be?  They continually create Mexican poverty together in order to export undocumented Mexican laborers to the US in exchange for their remittances sent back home.   120,000 killed in a US supported drug war that is nothing more than the corrupt Mexican elite using the Mexican military and government to attempt to take out cartel competition. 

    Washington praises Mexico about its economic growth (thanks to NAFTA) yet remains deadly silent about this drug war?  Washington praises Calderon about health care changes to Mexico yet says nothing of 62% of our undocumented being Mexican or Mexico's 48% poverty rate?  Look what our own US Department of State has to say about our friendly trading neighbor to the south

    Look at VP Biden's recent remarks to Washington's crony counterparts in Mexico :

    Drug war?  What drug war?  Poverty?  What poverty?  Illegal arms sales?  What illegal arms?  Promises to bring 11.2 million people out of the shadows yet no discussions of why they came to the US? 

    Dig deeper.  US and global banks laundering Mexican cartel monies.  US arms manufacturers profiting by selling legal and illegal arms to Mexico.   US privatized prisons cashing in on the Mexican undocumented and the US addicted.  The US drug enforcement industrial complex cashing in on our ineffective 40+ year long war on drugs?  

    If you dare consider what Professor James Petras has to say about the US, Mexico, and beyond:

    We all need to consider worst case scenario.  We all are being raped by these two governments who use insidious propaganda to cover up their crimes.  And if you do not think that our issues are not   happening globally, think again: 



    Sunday, November 17, 2013

    Top Secret: Joe and John Are On The Same Kleptocratic Immigration Reform Boat

    In response:

    Top Secret:  Joe and John Are In The Same Kleptocratic Immigration Reform Boat

    Biden just visited Mexico and babbled on and on about the wonderful relationship and economic future the US and Mexico have together.

    Check out Biden's remarks at a recent high level economic dialogue between the to corrupt governments in Mexico:

    Sure Joe.  Promise your Mexican oil and telecom cronies that we are going to bring their 11.2 million undocumented people out of the shadows.  Don't go to bat for "We The People" and confront your corrupt cronies by asking why their citizens (our undocumented) have to come to the US to begin with. 

    Oh, and about that razor-sharp war-zone fencing you guys have between you at the major ports of entry and those poor undocumented people who die crossing your mutual border that you guys don't talk much about?

    Good fences make good neighbors you say? 

    Of course don't even think of mentioning that Mexican drug war you guys are running together.  What's a measly 120,000 lives when you and your compadres share 1.25 billon dollars a day in cross border trade?

    You clowns yell at each other so you think we won't find out your top kleptocratic secret and that same boat you are in together. 

    Then you schmooze ex Mexican Drug War President  Felipe Calderon with Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and lucrative fellowship?   Oh those 120,000 sacrificed souls must just be another cost of running your NAFTA/Drug war pirate ship together?

    Keep rearranging the deck chairs on your Titanic, cruise line pirate because -your ship is about to hit the fan.