Monday, November 4, 2013

Failed Immigration AKA Illegal-Immigration For Profit - Is Washington's Way

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Failed Immigration AKA Illegal-Immigration For Profit - Is Washington's Way  

Any poster who thinks that the US system of profit-driven immigration (legal and not) and its current CIR are designed for any other reason than to fatten the pockets of the elite - is part of the problem and not a solution.

Because CIR fails to acknowledge or address the above - it is something that I will not support. 

Many wise people have stated - concerning our government - the game is rigged.

So is the CIR game rigged?  Is failed immigration AKA illegal-immigration for profit - Washington's way?  

Bribing the undocumented by selling 13 years of their laboring souls for a shot at US citizenship is rigged with if's.  IF border security triggers and effective control of the border are met, IF the RPI is regularly employed for 6 years or income requirements are met, if after 10 years all preceding applications for LAPR status are processed, if RPI become LAPR's and pass US citizenship tests.,

Bribing US taxpayers with another round of propaganda proclaiming that border security for billions more tax dollars?  That is rigging the game as have made those promises before and failed.

They emotionally bribe us all with actual, heart breaking stories of how failed immigration tears families apart and causes immense human suffering.  That is totally true and the real life stories break my heart too.  What they don't tell us is that they have no intention of fixing the home-country poverty that causes the illegal immigration that causes such pain.  And yes, they could fix that poverty.  Washington sanctions countries all of the time in order to get them to things Washington's way.  The problem is - failed immigration, AKA illegal-immigration for profit, is Washington's way.   
They won't tell you their rigged "labor for remittances" game is more important and profitable to them then your well being and prosperity or ours too.
Until we all stand up to they who rig this ugly game -  we are spinning our immigration wheels down their slippery slope.  People will continue to die crossing the border.  Criminals will continue to prey on both sides of the border.  And the rich will keep continue to get richer as this decades-long, rigged charade of a game goes on.


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