Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Washington and Illegal Immigration: No Intention Of Upsetting The 1.25 Billion Dollars A Day Tamale Cart

It is absolutely flabbergasting to me to observe Washington roll out its plan for immigration reform  when that plan does not discuss, address or even hint at the reality of  the undocumenteds' home country poverty as the root cause of US illegal immigration.

No.  They won't go there, especially with Mexico, who by the way provides of 62% of our undocumented. 

They won't go there and these polls won't go there either. 

Who in their right mind doesn't agree that the "immigration system" is broken?  Who in their right mind doesn't agree that Washington is broken?  Yet broken Washington comes up with immigration reform that the "majority" of people approve of?

Yep.  Those wolves in charge of our hen house always come up with a plan that benefits all of us chickens.

Who has enough sense to see that the choices given to people taking polls have nothing to do with solving illegal immigration as the huge nightmare which validates our broken immigration system?

Washington assumes that American voters will simply and quite literally buy off on their "border security" portions of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) as a fix to illegal immigration.

It reminds me of who naïve I was when I joined the US Border Patrol back in 1979.

I joined this US Federal Law Enforcement agency whose mission was to stop illegal aliens from coming into the United States.  This is my country and my government doing this, so by God it must be right, right?

Well from day one I could not figure out why we were being well paid to chase people around like animals at night when I knew for a fact that some of those same people were the very people we had caught the day before while picking our fruits and vegetables.

Then comes Reagan's overwhelmingly fraudulent Amnesty and Clinton's economically devastating (to the Mexican poor and US workers) NAFTA. 

Sure it is right - but only to a point - then it is wrong.  It is wrong when Washington passes NAFTA which simultaneously creates economic advantages for the bi-national US-Mexico elite while creating poverty for the Mexican poor and job losses for American workers.  It is wrong when the Mexican elite discard their poor to the north for remittances while the US elite pump billions more of our US tax dollars into their cronies' ineffectual border enforcement industrial complex.

I am totally critical of Washington when it raves about its wonderful economic relations with the corrupt Mexican government while ignoring that the Mexican drug war  (which Washington supports) is simply a government-sponsored cartel take over by the biggest cartel of them all - the Mexican government.

We are being used and lied to again.  Washington has no desire to effectively control Mexican illegal immigration as that would collapse 20 years of lucrative NAFTA profits.  Despite what their kleptocratic politicians say and pretend to do, Washington has no intentions of upsetting the 1.25 billion dollar a day in cross border trade tea (or should I say- tamale) cart.  Or in upsetting our number two source of oil.

Their propaganda cries for border security and stopping illegal immigration which could include those other invading "terrorists".  The reality is Washington is involved in an insidiously lustful relationship with a corrupt and murderous trading partner.

This immigration reform scam is just like their 40+ year long drug war.  They have it set up to where their cronies continuously profit from problems that Washington creates, condones and continues. 

And who pays the price for this morally unethical nightmare?  Undocumented people leaving their homes to put food on their tables.  Undocumented people who die crossing the border.  The good people of Mexico who have endured 6 years of a bloody "war for drugs" that has slaughtered some 120,000 people - the majority of who were collaterally slaughtered innocents.

The good, hard working trusting American taxpayer pays by having to wait in over crowded emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes to their home towns. 

Our government is and has been corrupted.  Their crony enforcement industries' battles against illegal drugs, illegal immigration, and yes - the illegal war in Iraq - are designed to suck the life out of the US middle class as these insatiable ticks engorge themselves and will continue to engorge themselves until we remove them, or until we are all devoured.


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