Monday, November 25, 2013

The Never-Ending Exploitation Of The Undocumented And US Taxpayers Needs To Be Revolutionized - Not Reformed

In response:

Their Never-Ending Exploitation Of The Undocumented And US Taxpayers Needs To Be Revolutionized  - Not Reformed

How does anyone in their right mind believe in the "reform" of a governmental system of profitized illegal immigration that simultaneously exploits the undocumented and US taxpayers too?

Their never-ending system that abuses the undocumented for cheap labor and US citizens by stealing their border security tax dollars needs to be revolutionized, not reformed.

"Reform" insidiously rearranges the undocumenteds' and US taxpayers deck chairs on the USS Illegal Immigration Titanic. The profiteers who are doing the reforming of course are traveling on another liner - The USS Kleptocracy.

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