Saturday, November 9, 2013

Immigration Reform - Washington and Crony Hyenas Circling In For The Kill

Immigration Reform - Washington and Crony Hyenas Circling In For The Kill

Behind all of the fanfare Washington's immigration reform translates into nothing more than a bunch of well-trained, well-groomed rabid hyenas scrambling and salivating over how much more choice meat they can agree to rip-off of the common undocumented and American working prey they have caged so far below them.

The carcasses of the undocumented and taxpayer prey are strewn on American streets while the insatiable greed of the Washingtonian inbred hyena-elite carnivorously roam - unleashed, out of control.

I'm done with their insidiously convoluted immigration reform obedience school.  How can hyenas teach anything to an old dog like me when they are not even member of our global, human breed?  

Immigration reform?  Makes me howl at the moon. 

Who let the dogs out of reform school? 

Time to graduate to an immigration revolution.  Time to bring prosperity and happiness to all the American, Mexican, and global "documented", "undocumented" pedigreed or not - humankind "breeds" of friendly, loving, hard working family "animals"-  no matter where we hail from or are migrating to.  

This pack of Washington hyenas and their foreign country counterparts have beaten us up,  eaten us up and tried to domesticate us for their own consumption for way to long. 

And when beaten, caged, and severely abused animals or humans have been held against not only their wills but their friendly natures too - by a  Hyaenidae class of animal (pretending to be of canine or even human family when if fact they are not)  let's just say -

Some fur in going to fly and they will be laughing Hyenas no more.      

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