Friday, November 15, 2013

Profit Above Human Life: What Washington Is Not Saying About The US Undocumented and Immigration Reform

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Profit Above Human Life:  What Washington Is Not Saying About The US Undocumented and Immigration Reform

I ask that all concerned here step back and take a fresh look at US immigration reform - especially as it applies to Mexican illegal immigration.

My perspective comes from my 26 years experience as a (now retired) US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent.  I  also bring 8 years of study in retirement as an immigration awareness and drug war activist.  My focus is upon Mexican illegal immigration and the ongoing Mexican drug war.
I don't have good things to say about the bi-national US/Mexican governments (or more specifically the bi-national elite who run our two governments).   How do two countries who claim to be friendly democratic neighbors create and condone the conditions that push the Mexican undocumented into crossing and sometimes dying while crossing illegally into the US?

Have you recently been to a large border crossing like El Paso or San Diego?  Friendly trading partners (like Washington touts) or border fencing and walls that look like two countries at war?

How can Washington hold immigration reform discussions and not address the fact that 62% of our undocumented are Mexican citizens? 

Please take this one step further and ask yourselves this too:  why would Washington during immigration reform discussions fail to address Mexican poverty (48%) and their drug war deaths of some 120,000 people as contributing factors to Mexican illegal immigration and increased US asylum cases from Mexico? 

My God, have we all lost our minds?  Why aren't the issues of Mexican poverty, the Mexican drug war and Mexican border crossing deaths addressed during Washington's immigration reform talks?

These Washington profiteers will spend months and years exclaiming how immigration reform is necessary for family unification and bringing 11.2 million people "out of the shadows".  What you won't hear them discuss are their profitized economic and drug war policies that pushed those 11.2 million people here to begin with.  You also won't hear them talk about the 1.25 billon dollars a day in cross border trade that someone in both countries must be enjoying.

It is very clear to me that immigration reform - first and foremost - is  profit driven.
To understand this, please read about NAFTA and our current economic ties with Mexico.

I see the bi-national elite abusing the honest, hard-working citizens of both countries for said elite's insidious self greed.  I see the bi-national elite's politicians in Washington and Los Pinos serving  their masters with inhumane, costly, corrupt and confusing immigration and drug politics that only serve to fatten their pockets at the continual suffering, expense - and at times the very lives - of the common people on both sides of the border.

Of course this dynamic of the US and Mexican elite can be applied to all of the other countries that the US undocumented hail from.

We (Americans, the undocumented, immigrants and supporters of both) need to bring this immigration reform conversation right back the core issue:  profit above human life. 

We need leaders who will expose the US system of profitized illegal immigration for what it is: 

1)  a continual source of expendable, cheap laborers traded for billions in home- country remittances
2)  billions in Americans' "border surge" tax dollars exchanged for the illusion of border security
3)  an escape valve for Mexico's 1% run economy which would implode without it
4)  a never-ending political battle designed to endure but not resolve



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