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From Our War on Drugs To Our War On Obesity - Image Is Everything to The US and Mexico!

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From Our War on Drugs To Our War On Obesity - Image Is Everything to The US and Mexico!

Image, indeed is everything!  Look at us world!  Mexico is a modern, savvy, modern player, just like the US!  We too have a responsible government who responds to the health concerns of our society!  We too are going to war on soft-drink/junk food obesity - just like Mr. Bloomberg !
Do any of the food barons, corporate moneyed or organized crime groups who run the Mexican and US governments (or any other governments in the world) really care if their products are contributing to their customers' addictions or obesity?

Here it is again with the 1% run Mexican government and president:  Let's put on the responsible, positive, compassionate Mexican face and go to war on Mexican obesity!  

Not unlike Felipe Calderon did when he started the 2006 Mexican war on drugs.  Hey world!  We are not a corrupt, crime-ridden country!  We are going to war against - and will defeat - Mexico's organized crime drug cartels!

Is Peña Nieto jockeying for Harvard's next Angelopoulos Global Leaders Award and lucrative fellowship? 

Common sense dictates that the majority of consumers who purchase these low-cost, "war on obesity" "foods" are among Mexico's 48% - poverty-poor.  They will be the ones who suffer the increases in prices these cut-throat major Mexican food barons will no doubt pass on in order to maintain their "profit above people" profit margins.          

Is there really a big difference between our addictions to salt, sugar, fats, coke, cocaine, marshmallows, methamphetamines, munchies, marijuana, Twinkies, tobacco, burgers or booze?

Is there really a big difference between the corporate manufactures of these addictively salty, sugary, fat-laden foods, the cartel manufactures of marijuana, meth, cocaine, or the corporate manufactures of oxycontin, vicodin, darvon, morphine, tobacco, wine or booze? 

Aren't they all just trying to make a dishonest dollar supplying us with these substances that many of us unfortunately crave but do not  need?

Hold on - I need to grab some more coffee before I  keep writing.

Yum!  I'm back.  You know I will keep writing and praying for the many wonderful people in this world of ours.  I will keep writing and fighting against the main two screwed up governments in my immediate world - the American and Mexican.

I am an alcoholic who gave that up on 8/5/1980 - tobacco sometime in 1978.  I replaced those with running.  I just gave up drinking diet cokes (at home) a couple of weeks ago.  Thank God I just started that addictive yoga again -  traded Cymbalta in for that.   As far as I know I have always been addicted to chocolate and in my later years - this drug called coffee.  Addicted to TV?  Wow - to be able to capture all of that lost and wasted time.  Honey when does the new season of "Justified" start again?  I also am very addicted to M (as in music, playing guitar, singing, recording).     

Is there a difference between compassion and addiction?  I am totally compassionate about bi-national issues with illegal immigration and illegal drugs.  I am addicted to exposing the lies and liars behind those two issues.  They profit by hurting the innocent and good people of both the US and Mexico. Tears.....

Sometimes I wonder if I write because I feel guilty for working as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent.   Nope.  I did my work with compassion and honesty.

I was naïve and the realities of our two governments has helped me grow up.


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