Monday, November 25, 2013

What Kind Of Power Does The Mexican Government Hold Over Washington?

In response:

If anywhere in America today anyone had a neighbor who caused as many problems as Mexico does for the US, wouldn't somebody do something about it?

Mexico supplies 62% of America's undocumented population.  Why in God's name isn't President Obama in Peña Nieto's Mexico's face demanding that they take care of their own citizens?

We have to pass reform here that includes a problem that Mexico causes 62% of?  And or leaders in Washington never criticize the corrupt Mexican government for any part it plays in this nightmare? 

There is something very wrong with this picture when Mexico and the US share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade yet we have some 6.8 million Mexican undocumented living in the US.

Their presence in the US costs US taxpayers billions of dollars - medical and educational expenses, job losses, and unfair demographic changes to American towns.

Americans generally are compassionate and generous- yet at what point do we put our feet down and demand that Washington take care of us?

It must be the type of government that makes the difference.  Just because there is an imaginary line between San Diego and Tijuana does not magically mean one side has more prosperity than the other.   

Why should American taxpayers have to pay when the corrupt Mexican government hoards wealth and does not provide opportunities for prosperity for its own people?

Why should Americans have to suffer the costs and consequences of the Mexican undocumented living in the US? 

Why should Americans have to build, maintain and patrol a border wall that is nearly 2,000 miles long?  Are Americans breaking Mexican laws?  Mexican smugglers profit by smuggling people from all over the world through Mexico.  Why do we let Mexico get away with that? 

We buy illegal Mexican drugs and Mexico buys illegal US guns.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  With that said, when is the last time a US gun smuggles tunneled into Mexico to smuggle guns south? 

Why does the US have to maintain Ports of Entry along the Mexican border that nearly one million people come north through on a daily basis?  Americans pay billions of dollars to construct Ports of Entry and to pay billons in wages of all of the government employees employed alone our border.

Why does Washington say nothing about the Mexican drug war that has sacrificed some 120,000 lives since Felipe Calderon started it in 2006? 

Are our two economies now (because of NAFTA) so intricately linked that we have to let the notoriously corrupt Mexican government dump its citizens upon us for US taxpayers to pay the price of admission?


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