Sunday, November 17, 2013

Top Secret: Joe and John Are On The Same Kleptocratic Immigration Reform Boat

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Top Secret:  Joe and John Are In The Same Kleptocratic Immigration Reform Boat

Biden just visited Mexico and babbled on and on about the wonderful relationship and economic future the US and Mexico have together.

Check out Biden's remarks at a recent high level economic dialogue between the to corrupt governments in Mexico:

Sure Joe.  Promise your Mexican oil and telecom cronies that we are going to bring their 11.2 million undocumented people out of the shadows.  Don't go to bat for "We The People" and confront your corrupt cronies by asking why their citizens (our undocumented) have to come to the US to begin with. 

Oh, and about that razor-sharp war-zone fencing you guys have between you at the major ports of entry and those poor undocumented people who die crossing your mutual border that you guys don't talk much about?

Good fences make good neighbors you say? 

Of course don't even think of mentioning that Mexican drug war you guys are running together.  What's a measly 120,000 lives when you and your compadres share 1.25 billon dollars a day in cross border trade?

You clowns yell at each other so you think we won't find out your top kleptocratic secret and that same boat you are in together. 

Then you schmooze ex Mexican Drug War President  Felipe Calderon with Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and lucrative fellowship?   Oh those 120,000 sacrificed souls must just be another cost of running your NAFTA/Drug war pirate ship together?

Keep rearranging the deck chairs on your Titanic, cruise line pirate because -your ship is about to hit the fan. 

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