Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Continued Ilegal Immigration Is Not Fair To The Good People Of The US Or Mexico

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Continued Illegal Immigration Is Unfair To The Good People Of The US And Mexico

This is a great story and we wish Jessica all the best. 

I also have a request of Jessica.  Please study and learn the reasons why the people of Mexico (and other countries) need to leave their homes and families to come illegally to the US. 

Jessica you are blessed that you made it and I believe it happened to you for a reason. 

Unfortunately there are millions more good people in Mexico who are not so blessed.  There are millions more  who only want to have a change at some level of prosperity for themselves and their families. 

Those of us who have been around awhile know that millions more people like you and your family will try and come to the US.  It appears that this current Washington immigration reform attempt will fail.  I am glad about that.  I am glad because ultimately Washington's reform would continually create and promote the very conditions that keep undocumented people coming here.

I am glad because this reform only puts a band aid on the cancer that causes the need for reform to begin with.      

From my perspective the rich people who really run the US and Mexican (or all of the undocumenteds' home governments) systematically use and abuse citizens of both countries for their own financial gain.  The US rich use the Mexican poor for labor and political purposes;  The Mexican rich use the Mexican poor for cash remittances.  Both elite gain financial benefits from illegal immigration.  Of course in the US we have the decades long political and enforcement industries that thrive upon illegal immigration.  The Mexican elite also thrive off of US drug addiction. 

With all this said - one reality that is constantly left out of immigration reform discussions is the fact that millions of Americans also suffer costs and consequences of the 11.2 million undocumented here today.

Is it fair to Americans to have to suffer undocumented people overcrowding hospital emergency rooms and school services?  It is fair to Americans to lose jobs to the undocumented?  Is it fair to Americans to have their hometown demographics rapidly changed because of the same bi-national elite's greed that helped push you and your family here?

None of this is fair to the good people of Mexico nor is it fair to the good people of America. 

My request Jessica is that you study and take on this problem that has hurt so many people.  Study it from the realities of all people involved. It won't be easy because the bi-national elite will fight any significant attempts at changes.

If you study this you will discover that illegal migration is a global problem affecting billions of people. 

The truth is that there is enough wealth, jobs, and prosperity for us all.  We just have to somehow level the playing fields and bring our bi-national and global leaders back to their senses.     

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