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What's Lies Beneath The Stereotypical Clash of The Murderous US Border Patrol and Those Mexican Illegal-Alien Terrorists?

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What's Lies Beneath The Stereotypical Clash of  The Murderous US Border Patrol and Those Mexican Illegal-Alien Terrorists?

Look at this sensationalized Huffington Post "lead in" and adjoining article title below:

Those Who Throw Rocks Can Be Legally Killed By Border Patrol 
Border Patrol Will Continue Killing People Who Throw Rocks

Seriously HP you craft these tittles to insinuate that every Border Patrol Agent who has a rock thrown at him or her is authorized to shoot and kill those rock throwers.

The circumstances around each individual rock throwing case and the treat level present in that case are what determines if the agent is authorized to respond with gunfire or not.

I am not saying that there have not been tragic, unlawful shootings and even murders committed by US Border Patrol agents.  That sadly has happened - just as it happens in every country's police department or military around the world.

Your stereotypical portrayal of Border Patrol Agents as murderers of rock throwers is no different than the racist Americans' stereotypical portrayal of every undocumented person as being a drug-smuggler and a thieving terrorist.

Beyond both stereotypes American prisons have many undocumented inmates who have committed every type of serious crime (including murder) imaginable.  The comparison of the numbers of those murders far outweighs the number of rock throwing deaths by US Border Patrol Agents.

I am not stupid - two wrongs don't make a right.  Yet you choose only to tell one side of the horrible story.  Americans are not stupid either.  They too suffer the consequences the border clash.

May I move on to the heart of the matter, or a topic that I would love for you to consider?  All of our border problems stem from two corrupt governments who abuse not only their own citizens for profit but the citizens of each other's countries for profit too.

Bi-national (global) wealth is finite:  there is only a certain amount to go around.  Therefore the less wealth the good people of Mexico have the more wealth their elite can have;  the less wealth the good people of the US have, the more wealth the US elite have. 

And the more the bi-national elite steal wealth from the good people of each others respective countries the more the bi-national governments (especially Washington ) remains mum.

That is exactly why the two countries' NAFTA elite create and maintain poverty in Mexico.  Poverty in Mexico means undocumented laborers coming to the US and remittances going back south to Mexico.  In this way the bi-national elite have joined together to create profit-driven illegal immigration from Mexico to the US.  Oh don't forget all of their bonuses on top of this:  1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, Mexican oil, US corn, Wal-Mart, US investments in Mexico, and the US support of the ongoing Mexican government's cartel take-over (parading as a legitimate "drug war") which has sacrificed some 120,000 souls since 2006.

This bi-national corrupt elite will do anything to keep this labor for remittances + bonuses illegal immigration syndrome going.

We will continue to see more Border Patrol shootings, more illegal immigration, more Agents hired, more deportations, more amnesties, more US taxpayers' dollars for more border security, more Mexican (and other undocumenteds countries') poverty, more losses of US jobs, more overcrowded US hospital emergency rooms, more US and global banks laundering cartel profits, more unfair, undocumented demographic changes to US towns, and many more innocent people collaterally slaughtered from Mexico's (and Washington's) war on drugs.

Ps.  You will definitely see more back-scratching of the bi-national elite similar to ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon being awarded Harvard University's First Angelopoulos Global Leader's Award and 2013 lucrative Harvard fellowship.

So grow up HP.  Stop stirring this deadly pot.  As I said earlier, all of our border problems stem from two corrupt governments who abuse not only their own citizens for profit but the citizens of each other's countries for profit too.

Or maybe just focusing upon the symptoms stemming from the above is more important to you?  That would of course help to continue the insidious (but profitable) status quo.


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