Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Schizophrenic System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration

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Our Schizophrenic System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration.

America's approach to day laborers (75% majority are undocumented) reveals yet another part of our schizophrenic system of profitized illegal immigration.

Yes you read it right:  "Our Schizophrenic System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration"!

The undocumented come here illegally in order to work, make profit, live and feed their families.

The undocumenteds' home country elite profit by creating home-country poverty.  The global wealth pie is finite and only so big.  The less for you the undocumented means more for us the elite.

On top of that the elite in effect "poverty export" their own citizens which results in billions in remittances being pumped back into said elite's home country economic pie.

Some Americans profit and save money by paying undocumented workers cheaper wages for labor.  On the "legal" side of employment this includes the hiring of foreign H1-b workers over American workers by the profiting Mark Zuckerberg billionaires in the world. 

Human traffickers smuggle people for profit. Sweatshop owners hire workers in order to profit.  Americans trying to save a buck hire day laborers for profit.

Privatized immigration prisons profit from their undocumented inmates. Washington's border security cronies profit from lucrative government DHS contracts for making fences, drones, airplanes, helicopters, boats, cars, trucks, border patrol stations, uniforms, weapons, surveillance equipment, ammunition etc. which all stem from profitized illegal immigration. 

Someone profits when they come, when they stay (immigration reform) and when they go.  

Some say that they do not want them here (deport them all and secure the border!).  
Some say reform immigration and let all 11.2 million become citizens.
Some want billions more for border security and enforcement effectiveness before they can stay.

Meanwhile someone in the US and Mexico share 1.25 billion dollars in cross border trade which has little or no affect upon illegal immigration. 

Some of us have worked in this and studied it for years see the good people on both sides of the border(s) are being abused and even die for profit. 

Some of us see the US elite profit while common taxpayers suffer overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, overcrowded school rooms, losses of jobs and unfair demographic changes to towns as vivid results of Our Schizophrenic System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration.

Some of us would like to see all governments provide opportunities for prosperity for their own citizens thus eliminating Our Schizophrenic System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration.   


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