Thursday, November 21, 2013

Are Dreamers Merely Pawns In Zuckerberg's H1-b High Tech Visa Game?

In Response:

Are Dreamers Merely Pawns In Zuckerberg's H1-b High Tech Visa Game?

Dear Dreamers,

Please explain how Zuckerberg's efforts for immigration reform are going to alleviate the insidious poverty that drove your parents and you to the US to begin with?

Are you being paid (used) by Zuckerberg to further his H1-b visa cause so that you can profit and send more remittances back home?  Is that really the win-win scenario you are trying to create?

Think for a minute:  is what you are doing going to help the millions of other people who will flee as your parents did to the US to escape their poverty? 

Shame on you!  You want changes in immigration laws to serve yourselves, yet what are you dong to fight for the others who will follow (and may die) in your footsteps?

Demand something bigger than what you have been blessed with.  Demand that your cause include the fight against the same injustices that not only caused your suffering, but global and American suffering too.

Read this article about US immigration reform and see just where you and those to follow you fit into the picture:

Are you being used just like your parents and Americans have been used too?  Your parents were used by the bi-national elite (your home-country elite and that of the US) who profited by creating their poverty and ensuing illegal immigration to the US.  Americans suffer too because they the costs and consequences of the elite's profit-driven illegal immigration are dumped upon them.

Again are you pawns in Zuckerberg's plan to attempt to push the 65,000 high tech H-1b visas for his empire to 115,00?   

You may indeed get what you want, but at what cost to the other undocumented who will follow in your footsteps?  Why in God's name are you not doing something to help them?

If you do not include in your struggles the fight against the poverty that drove you here, your greed is basically no different than Washington's or Zuckerberg's.  Your greed smothers your integrity as you now blindly support the same corporate corruption that has abused your families and ancestors for many generations. 

Do you think Zuckerberg would embrace you if Washington's attempt at immigration reform did not include increasing H1-b visas for his high tech empire?  Has he or any of his minions indicated a desire of taken any actions to address the poverty that has hurt us all?

I say make Zuckerberg put some of his money where his mouth is.  He is indeed a philanthropist - so is there any reason he cannot use his money and influence to fight the poverty that brought you to his doorstep?

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