Friday, November 22, 2013

Narco-Hell Is Empty And All Of The Narco-Kleptocrats And Capos Are Here

Narco-Hell Is Empty And All Of The Narco-Kleptocrats And Capos Are Here

An adaption of  William Shakespeare's quote:  "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

Can anything get more despicable or reprehensible than this? 

As far the US and Mexico go:  "designed for profit" poverty promoting the dreamy elixir hopes of narco - wealth and fame. 

The harsh realities of hopelessness, poverty and delusionary political lies fueled by a government-sponsored "drug war". 

In 2006 Mexican President Felipe Calderon starts Mexico's US backed "war on drugs". 

This is Mexico folks, not Switzerland.  Calderon, who was elected by voter fraud, "decides" to use the Mexican Military to go to war with Mexican drug cartels.  In some ways this is very similar to the US government going to war against Wall Street. 

In the same way that Washington is Wall Street, the Mexican Government is the biggest drug cartel of them all.  And both respectively are going to war against Wall Street organized crime and drug cartel organized crime?

Maybe in some fantasy world were cancer goes to war against cancer.

Anyone who believes the drug war propaganda (the "good" government guys fighting the "bad" cartel guys)  has lost his or her frickin' mind.  Both are getting filthy rich while the good people on both sides of the fence suffer.

This is way beyond astonishing to me and sadly, shamefully reveals quite clearly the character of our leaders in Washington and the many other Americans who unquestionably follow them and trust their leadership.

Washington says and does absolutely nothing about Calderon's use of the Mexican Military to go to war with Mexican drug cartels resulting in the deaths of over 120,000 Mexican citizens?  This Mexican drug war is nothing short of a corporate takeover - Mexican cartel style.

Where is the outrage in American?  Forget Washington - they are bought and paid for.  But what about you?  Harvard University glorifies Calderon with their First (Clinton) Angelopoulos Global Leaders Award and lucrative fellowship?

Why does our government sponsor this?  Why does our government sponsor our own 40+ year long, failed, war on drugs?  Answer one and you answer both.  The elite who run not only our kleptocracy but Mexico's kleptocracy too are addicted to their own insatiable, blood-thirsty, greed and power.

Do you think the people of Mexico don't know all of this? The results there are horrendous narco-violence.  The results here are decades of US drug addiction, pain, and prison incarceration.  Think of not only the US but the global violence that is connected to the manufacturing, distribution, sales and consumption of illegal drugs. 

We sit back on our lazy duffs and let all of this happen.  We blindly trust Washington has a handle on the drug war and the war on terrorism - which of course makes us just as much "players" in this insanity as anyone else who is involved.  We promote it because we allow it.

All of the above of course is sanctioned by the kleptocracies who make the real narco-profit through prohibition, violence, drug wars, their drug enforcement industrial complex, the narco-control of all populations involved, border militarization, all of which is  of course promoted and dispersed by one narco-elite controlled media or another.     

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