Sunday, November 17, 2013

Why 11.2 Million Undocumented Should Not Acquiesce To Washington's Reform Bribery

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 Why 11.2 Million Undocumented Should Not Acquiesce To Washington's Reform Bribery

I call on all people concerned with immigration reform (the undocumented, their supporters, and anti-immigration/anti-reform supporters) to step back and look anew at the "big picture" of  Washington's reform and illegal immigration.  Look especially hard at Mexican illegal immigration (comprising 62% of the US undocumented) and this recurring illegal immigration/remittance/reform cycle.

Buried under Washington's reform propaganda is their insidious bottom line:  The bi-national elite (US/Mexican) profit from Mexican poverty and Mexican illegal immigration. 

Twenty years of Clinton's NAFTA has exacerbated both Mexican poverty and Mexican illegal immigration to the US.

Why would our own government's economic policies push more undocumented into the US? 

Why do they during their endless reform discussions say absolutely NADA about Mexican poverty as the cause of their illegal immigration to the US? 

Do you know that the two countries share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade?  Do you know that Mexico is Washington's number 2 source of oil? 

"Reform" prolongs their own self-enriching, self-metastasizing, cancerous greed that causes continual bi-national suffering and even death to some Mexican (and other) undocumented.

As long as all of us - including 11.2 million undocumented - acquiesce to their reform bribery - we  "win" while absolutely guaranteeing the suffering of God-only-knows how many millions more human beings. 

They have created a self-serving monster.  And the reason this monster continues to thrive is because We The People of both countries, and the World, agree to it.

So yes - uniting together is key.  I advise you to not forget the millions of US citizens who have suffered from this to.  If you continue to pretend that illegal immigration has not caused their suffering to, you will never win this battle.                 


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