Friday, November 15, 2013

Immigration Reform: No To Reforming What Does Not - And Has Not - Worked

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Immigration Reform:  No To Reforming What Does Not - And Has Not - Worked

11.2 million mostly economically deprived and displaced people came here while leaving many more millions at home.  Millions who are suffering from the same conditions that caused these 11.2 million to come here to begin with. 

If you want Americans to get behind immigration "reform" we will all have to address your home-country poverty.  Why?  For decades now it  has because clear that the elite who run Washington and your governments wont.
Important note:  how many of you who are undocumented or you who support the undocumented have taken the time to consider that there are good people in the US who have also suffered because of your illegal immigration into the United States?

This is not about guilt;  it is about telling the truth and making amends.
Job losses, overcrowded hospital emergency rooms/school rooms, billions of tax dollars poured into border security, crimes committed against some Americans by some undocumented, and rapid demographic changes to some American towns that are simply not fair to Americans who have to face those things.
Americans need to be acknowledged for not only their compassion and generosity, but also their right to stand up for themselves and saying when enough is enough.

There are at least two sets of victims here and this entire repeated cycle of poverty, illegal immigration, remittances, reform and accompanying border surges are the status quo patterns that have to be changed.

I suggest that all of the victims involved approach this problem differently because following Washington's historical formula will not work.

We all have to address this problem with the intention of solving it, not reforming what does not and has not worked in the past.  Solving this will require addressing US economic (NAFTA) and drug war polices with home countries that exacerbate if not create the conditions we the common people are facing.

The undocumented are being used and abused for their labor.  American taxpayers are being used and abused for their tax dollars and by the absorption of the undocumented into America.

Meanwhile, the bi-national (US/MEX) and global elite live far above the problems that they profit from.  The remain insulated and unaffected by the undocumented moving to and living in the US. 

We the average need to all consider how this started, where it started, who started it, who profits from it and who pays for it.  We the average good people on both sides of this issue need to come together to end it because the elite who profit from it won't.

Americans need to end it for the futures of their kids and grandkids.  It is exactly the same for the documented which includes their families and friends at home. 

Americans are not going to buy off on the legalization of 11.2 million people when such reform does nothing to resolve this insidious cycle once and for all.   So let's get to work and push our leaders into sharing prosperity and opportunities for the undocumented people in their home countries.


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