Saturday, November 2, 2013

Realistic Solutions For Illegal Immigration: But Wait - Is There Not A Decades-Long Trillion Dollar Catch?

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Realistic Solutions For Illegal Immigration: But Wait - Is There Not A Trillion Dollar Catch?

I am afraid that many posters and activists are hooked into the logical immigration-solution merry-go-round.

Read all of their plausible and realistically sensible solutions. I am not talking about the mean-spirited ones. I am talking about ones that actually could work if implemented. For example, The Dream Act, strict enforcement of current immigration laws, e-Verify, employer sanctions, and tighter border security.

Sounds logical, right?

Sorry. I disagree. I have heard these and other regurgitated solutions immigration problems for over 33 years now. I heard them for 26 years as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent. I have heard them for another 8 years as an immigration/drug war awareness activist.

I am not saying that these or similar solutions would not work. They would. But wait! Is there not a decades-long trillion dollar catch?

The elite who run and capitalize off of not only our government's insidious immigration policies but the insidious immigration policies of the undocumenteds' governments too will never allow workable solutions to illegal immigration to happen.
There is simply to much profit to be made continuing today's (or some future version of the today's) insidious immigration status quo?

Until Americans approach profit-driven illegal immigration from the "designed to be ineffective" angle, they will continue to spit and spew logical solutions into the 1%'s tail winds. Our1%'s tail winds, and the undocumenteds' 1%'s tail winds too.

This is no different than the profit-driven lies of failed health care, the Iraq War, Citizens United, The Great Recession of 2008, the 40+ year long War on Drugs,  NAFTA, their stealth bomber TTP (Trans Pacific Partnership), Banks laundering Cartel Profits, sequestrations, debt ceilings, and any other outrageous examples of us being raped by our government that you might want to plug in here.

You have done your homework concerning solutions to their propagandized problem.  I suggest doing your homework in order to come up with solutions to solve the real problem:  greed and the profitization of poverty/illegal immigration. 


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