Thursday, November 21, 2013

Piecemeal Immigration Reform? Start With The Most Pressing Issue - Mexican Illegal Immigration

Piecemeal Immigration Reform?  Start With The Most Pressing Issue - Mexican Illegal Immigration

From the article:  “The American people are skeptical of big, comprehensive bills, and they should be,” Boehner said. “The only way to make sure immigration reform works this time is to address these complicated issues one step at a time.”

I spend a good 4 hours a day reading different immigration related articles from different news sources.  I also take some time to read some of the many readers' comments made about those articles.

I would say that 98% of the time that people post comments those comments are about illegal immigration and the enforcement (or lack of enforcement) of immigration laws.

Mr. Boehner is right.  Comprehensive reform is too big and it evolves too many competing interests.

Repeating again what Mr. Boehner said:  “The only way to make sure immigration reform works this time is to address these complicated issues one step at a time.”

Mr. Boehner - if Washington really wants to make sure that reform "works this time" I suggest that you start off with the single most pressing topic - illegal immigration.  I also request that you start off with the country that has the most undocumented people present in the US today (62% of the 11.2 million) - Mexico.

If Washington is truly considering a piecemeal approach to illegal immigration isn't it logical for them to start with illegal immigration coming from our direct southern neighbor?  It's not like we have to go to Iraq to study this.

OK, hold on with your antiquated border security rhetoric.  You do know that definition of insanity and doing things over and over again the same way, right?

I say we need to look at Mexican illegal immigration other ways besides the tried and failed "border security" mindset which has proven ineffective since Reagan's Amnesty of 1986.  If it was effective we would not have 11.2 million undocumented here now.

Washington needs to study Mexican illegal immigration from an impartial look at NAFTA.  They need to explain why the largest US influx of Mexican undocumented came after NAFTA.   They need to explain how the US and Mexican elite share some 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, yet Mexico still has more undocumented here than anyone else?  They need to explain why two supposedly democratic neighboring governments stand by and let one's citizens die while crossing the others border desserts and mountains - just to find work.  Washington needs to explain why they support the Mexican government's war on drugs knowing of the historic, systemic corruption of Mexico's government and knowing that some 120,000 people have been sacrificed in their failed, joint drug-war venture.

So let's cut to the chase Washington.  Are you really serious about effectively stopping Mexican illegal immigration to the US?  Would the Mexican leg of the NAFTA stool collapse in the process?  Would that in turn cause ours and then Canada's to collapse also?   Is Mexican oil (your second largest source) and trade more important to you than stopping Mexican illegal immigration?  Are your cronies' profits made from Mexican oil, trade, and drugs more important to you than the welfare of both US and Mexican citizens?

So please, Mr. Boehner, address Mexican illegal immigration and how to "reform" it.  And please Mr. Boehner, don't give us that same "border security", eVerify, employer sanctions propaganda that we have heard since 1986.  We know that you can't get to there from here.


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