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The Bi-National (US/Mexico) Elite's Greed/Profit Driven Illegal Immigration and Drug Wars - A Paradigm Shift

The Bi-National (US/Mexico) Elite's Greed/Profit Driven Illegal Immigration and Drug Wars -  A Paradigm Shift

The Simultaneous Exploitation of Mexico's Undocumented And US Taxpayers

A Paradigm Shift To End The Bi-National Suffering   

The Challenge

How to expose their insidious, bi-national, cancerous greed that creates, drives and maintains Mexican illegal immigration and US drug addiction.

Mexican Illegal Immigration

I use the example of Mexican illegal immigration because Mexico represents 62% of the undocumented population of the US.  Another 12% come from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who have most logically to have entered the US through Mexico.

To understand the dynamics of Mexican illegal immigration is to understand all US illegal immigration. 

The bi-national elite are consumed by their insatiable greed and have insidiously conspired to exploit the (Mexican) undocumented as a never-ending source of expendable,  profitable, cheap labor for the US elite and billions in the undocumenteds' remittances in return for their home-country elite's economies.

Read how Clinton's 1994 NAFTA raped good people on both sides of the border:

On the global level - the global elite's profitized exploitation of individual countries' migrants and individual countries' taxpayers.

Typical American Stereotypical and Brainwashed Thinking

Here is a typical American's myopic and propagandized view of Mexican illegal immigration:  secure the border and deport all illegals.  This will finally stop those invaders from making their decisions to break our laws and come here. 

The "secure the border" banner has for decades glossed over and clouded American voter's eyes, specifically Reagan's 1986 Amnesty and Clinton's 1994 NAFTA.

Both Reagan's and Clinton's propaganda promised and failed to effectively control illegal imigration.

Twenty year's later Clinton's NAFTA has produced an insidiously corrupt economic relationship between the two countries.  The two nation's share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Mexico is Washington number two largest source of oil.  US investors invest more capital in Mexico than any other nations.

So why can't these two supposedly "democratic" and prosperous nations solve Mexican illegal immigration?

Mexican Illegal Drugs

There is a dark side to the two countries' relations.  Mexico supplies America's needs for drugs, and America supplies Mexico's needs for guns.  Then there is the ongoing US backed Mexican drug war which was officially started by Mexican President Calderon in 2006.  Today over 120,000 Mexicans (including several US citizens and two US agents) have been sacrificed in Mexico's biggest cartel of them all - The Mexican Government's - attempt to "take out" its cartel competition.

Ultimately their bi-national greed for profit is what drives illegal immigration and illegal drugs.  Unfortunately we have been brainwashed into fighting immigration and drug war battles that camouflage the elite's true motives while institutionalizing their unjust perpetual wars.

What Washington does not address is why the flow of Mexican illegal immigration and drugs are happening.  They only profit from going to war with how the horrendous, decades-long, designed results keep continuing happen.

They pretend to care about the causes while ineffectively dealing with the effects.  They have institutionalized crony profits by ineffectively dealing with the problems of illegal immigration and drugs for over 40 years.  Their border security industrial complex would be out of work if Washington would agree to resolving rather than prolonging these problems.

Washington doesn't ask why illegal immigration and illegal drugs happen, they just have profitized pretending to fix the horrendous results of the two happening.   As if fighting the results will bring resolution to the whys. 

Their corporate cronies simultaneously profit from both illegal problems and their feigned attempts to stop both problems. 

Literally they got us coming and going

Does that not apply to the millions of deported undocumented and the US taxpayers who fund this insanity?  Does this not apply to the millions of drug addicts coming and going - in and out - of privatized crony prisons?  Does that not apply to the tax payers who continually suffer the costs and consequences of both scams? 

So how we shift the paradigm of Mexican illegal immigration and illegal drugs?

This is no easy task when the bi-national elite use their own media to camouflage their injustices and point American and Mexican thinking in the wrong direction and towards the wrong solution. 

Their injustices are perpetually hidden by dictating the parameters of the problem to the voters.  Secure Our Borders!  Just Say No To Drugs!  We the people end up fighting the wrong battles.  Regarding current immigration legislation  we are asked to "reform" Washington's own corrupt immigration system that has proven ineffective for decades.  Immigration reform translates to balancing the books with 11.2 million undocumented, and charging taxpayers billion more for ineffective border security.

Border Fences and  6'X10' Cages  

Finally what has the border - a militarized 2,000 mile-long line designed to isolate and separate millions of good people, and jail cells - millions of 6'X10' cages designed to isolate and separate millions of sick and addicted people -  done to effectively satisfy their insidious, insatiable greed?


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