Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Deadly Bi-National "Border Hunger Games"

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Our Deadly Bi-National "Border Hunger Games"

This horrible, tragic murder can ultimately be traced to the trickle down effect of two corrupt governments who do not adequately provide for their own citizens or each others citizens. 

Nothing can justify murder:  yet each government condones and creates the conditions for border murders to continue to happen.

NAFTA driven poverty, profit driven-illegal immigration, ineffective drug and immigration enforcement, illegal weapons sales, widespread corruption, impunity, border militarization, special interest immigration reform, drug addiction, widespread crime, racism and years of hopelessness on both sides of the border as the citizens of each country deal with their own kleptocracies and the others too.

The two countries share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade yet both countries suffer from poverty rates in the mid to high 40% ranges?  Almost one million people a day cross north through the border yet our border fencing looks like we are at war with each other.

How about as the elite of these two countries cash in on the endless labor for remittances exchange cycle.  People die in that process which in my mind is a form of voluntary manslaughter.

Read VP Joe Biden's recent speech in Mexico and you would think these to countries relationship was made in heaven!

All is fine from their lofty, wealthy perches.  Meanwhile the reality line between the two countries has turned into a type of "Border  Hunger Games" designed for their profit.  

I say we need about 20 million people from both sides of the fence to peacefully shut down their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. 

Maybe that would bring these two insane governments to their senses?

The most important issue here should be who condones and creates the conditions that result in a kid getting shot to death on the border of two supposedly friendly neighboring countries.

The lucrative relationships between the bi-national elite who run both governments are based upon rosy but false propaganda that attempts to hide their mutual abuse for profit of their own respective citizens and each others.

Mexican citizens are ripped off because they are coerced and blamed for coming  to the US to work.  US citizens are ripped off because Washington allows the Mexican government to export its own citizens in exchange for remittances in return.    

The elite's servants on one side clash with the elite's oppressed on the other.  Both servants and oppressed are necessary to keep their insidious masters' conspiracy in place.

The US middle class (what is left of it) of course is also necessary to fund this entire mess.   


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