Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Washington Has Dug Itself Into A Political, Economic, Cultural, Corrupt, and Immoral Immigration Hole and Can't Reform Itself Out Of It

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Washington Has Dug Itself Into A Political, Economic, Cultural, Corrupt, and Immoral Immigration Hole and Can't Reform Itself Out Of It 

Tell me something.  How can our duly elected Washington politicians who are in favor "immigration reform" stand by and let our decades-long Mexican illegal immigration-for-profit scheme go on and on and on and on?  How about our 40+ year long war on drugs, and the US supported Mexican version of that which started in 2006?

As far as Mexico is concerned Washington has created a monster with its 1%'s owned NAFTA economic program that only benefits the bi-national elite.   Plus - Washington may try and  keep their chummy trading partner's drug war under wraps, but it too big of an atrocity to be swept under any border rug.

Yet who are the people who really suffer the costs and consequences of these cozy little Mexican trade and drug war agreements? 

Obviously, the Mexican (and other Central American Free Trade Agreement) undocumented suffer the most.  They are the ones who suffer the poverty portion of the elite's economic pie.  They are the ones whose labor is on the illegal market and who must take all of the risks in leaving their homes and families in order to put food on their families' tables. 

My God 120,000 people  have been sacrificed since Calderon's insane US backed drug war started in 2006.  When is the last time anyone in Washington said one word about this horrendous drug war and all of the lives lost?  How about how it effects illegal immigration to the US, asylum and immigration reform? 

Just because Washington purposely does not talk about it does not mean that it is not our problem.

American tax payers suffer too.  Overcrowded hospital emergency rooms and schools.  The losses of jobs to NAFTA and the undocumented.  Unfair rapid demographic changes to their home towns.  Not to mention the billions upon billions of their tax dollars that are poured into Washington's crony border security industrial complex's black hole.  How about the crimes committed by previously deported aggravated felons?  By the way, Washington's war on drugs is no different than its war on illegal immigration;  costly to tax payers, very profitable to the 1%, never-ending, and insidiously connected to Mexico.

You do all know where ex-Mexican 120,000 Drug War Dead President Felipe Calderon is currently spending his time lately, right?

I wonder if it is a coincidence that Mexico's biggest cartels follow Harvard's Business School's models?

Washington profiteers have made a deal with the Diablo de Los Pinos Diablo (the devil from Mexico's version of our White House - called Los Pinos). 

Now Washington pushes and touts immigration reform because they have caused and profited from  11.2 million undocumented to come here.  They profit from NAFTA.  They profit from undocumented laborers, border "surges" AKA border militarization, record deportations and very profitable, privatized immigration prisons.  They will try and profit from this reform and the promise of the surging Latino vote too.

Bottom line:  Washington profiteers have dug themselves into a political, economic, corrupt and immoral immigration hole that that can't get reform themselves out of.

Washington won't stop Mexican illegal immigration because if they did Mexico and their NAFTA scam would collapse.  They can't stop the profitable war on drugs either.   There are simply too many American jobs tied to "securing the border" against either of these, or both, to be stopped. 

DHS has the second largest US police force behind the FBI.  Beside the DEA , think of all of the narcotics squads' budgets and personnel in every police department across the US.  Don't forget the US prison system, the largest in the world, which is filled with narcotic offenders.

As substantial and costly as they are,  Washington's wars against illegal immigration and illegal drugs pale in comparison to the all encompassing, all mighty budgets and costs of their recent war in Iraq and their continuing war against terrorism.

All three nightmares:  the wars on illegal immigration, illegal drugs and military wars against terrorism come from the same disgusting mold that fills theirs and their cronies' pockets at the expense and lives of common people in the US, Mexico and worldwide. 

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