Monday, November 18, 2013

Pacts With The Devil - NAFTA, The Mexican Drug War, and US Immigraton Reform

Washington's NAFTA and support of the ongoing Mexican drug war certainly illustrate where the interests of the bi-national elite lie. 

Twenty years of NAFTA and today's 1.25 billion dollars a day in bi-national trade certainly appear rosy to some - but not to all.  US corn dumped into Mexico snuffed out the farming lives of small corn farmers.  Wal-Mart certainly the same to many small Mexican business too. 

NAFTA coincided with the largest influx of undocumented in recorded history.  Was that a coincidence?  Do you wonder why Clinton stated the largest fencing militarization of the border project in San Diego at the same time?

I can't help but think that Clinton and Washington knew exactly how NAFTA would affect Mexico and Mexican illegal immigration to the US.  I think it was planned.

Mexican poverty and border deaths are the cost of doing NAFTA business as is simultaneously shipping out US jobs while importing the Mexican undocumented and others.

Now toss in the Washington supported Mexican drug war which was stated by Washington crony Mexican President Felipe Calderon in 2006.  Where is the outrage in the US?  120,000+ people sacrificed in "our" on going, no end in sight drug war

How does Washington's present attempt to reform immigration fit into the above?  Increased border militarization costing US taxpayers billions more and the bribery of  11.2 million undocumented.  Thirteen years of labor peonage in exchange for a chance at US citizenship.  Maybe.

Just how much darker can Washington's relationship with the Mexican government be?  They continually create Mexican poverty together in order to export undocumented Mexican laborers to the US in exchange for their remittances sent back home.   120,000 killed in a US supported drug war that is nothing more than the corrupt Mexican elite using the Mexican military and government to attempt to take out cartel competition. 

Washington praises Mexico about its economic growth (thanks to NAFTA) yet remains deadly silent about this drug war?  Washington praises Calderon about health care changes to Mexico yet says nothing of 62% of our undocumented being Mexican or Mexico's 48% poverty rate?  Look what our own US Department of State has to say about our friendly trading neighbor to the south

Look at VP Biden's recent remarks to Washington's crony counterparts in Mexico :

Drug war?  What drug war?  Poverty?  What poverty?  Illegal arms sales?  What illegal arms?  Promises to bring 11.2 million people out of the shadows yet no discussions of why they came to the US? 

Dig deeper.  US and global banks laundering Mexican cartel monies.  US arms manufacturers profiting by selling legal and illegal arms to Mexico.   US privatized prisons cashing in on the Mexican undocumented and the US addicted.  The US drug enforcement industrial complex cashing in on our ineffective 40+ year long war on drugs?  

If you dare consider what Professor James Petras has to say about the US, Mexico, and beyond:

We all need to consider worst case scenario.  We all are being raped by these two governments who use insidious propaganda to cover up their crimes.  And if you do not think that our issues are not   happening globally, think again: 



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