Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The 5, 000 lb. Gorillas of Profirtized Mexican Illegal Immigration: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

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The 5, 000 lb. Gorillas of Profitized Mexican Illegal Immigration:  Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Look hard enough and you will see these 5,000 lb. Gorillas.  They are ubiquitously present, hidden, and misunderstood.  They are the bi-national governmental coyotes pushing the Mexican undocumented into the US.

They also sit in on Washigton's immigration reform meetings - silent partners if you will. 

Washington's immigration reform politicians do not talk about them and pretend they do not exist.  Most Americans can't see them because Washington's controlled media has dictated what they see and believe. Understandably Americans can't quite distinguish them from the symptomatic undocumented they do see and blame. 

Like a purposely misdiagnosed and propagandized illness they rage at the undocumented as the reasons (and therefore the solution to) their immigration problems rather than seeing or believing that these 5,000 lb. gorillas exist.      

Here in a nutshell is the bi-national (US/Mexican) scam that has us all immigration crazy:  they conspire to create and profit from Mexican poverty which exacerbates Mexican US illegal immigration which respectfully creates cheap labor for the US elite's economy and billions in remittances for the Mexican elite's economy.

This isn't hard.  You simply have to think for yourself and be willing to honestly and unequivocally assess our own government.  Study NAFTA.  Learn what NAFTA did to the Mexican poor.  Learn what it did to US jobs.  Learn what it did to US illegal immigration.

These three articles hopefully will get your curiosity ramped up.

This first article is about NAFTA.

This second link is our own US Department Of State's information about US relations with Mexico.

This article by William I. Robinson discusses US immigration reform on a global scale:

This is hard to digest.  Kind of like discovering a beloved Uncle Sam who has been secretly molesting our entire families for decades.

Washington elite take this self-created, self-enriching "problem" and parley it into billions of US tax dollar profits for their crony border security industries.  They parley "our problem"  into political capital and the recurring need for reform.

Is this immigration scenario not similar to our 40+ year long, profitized, institutionalized, never-ending war on drugs? 

The three, 5,000 lb., bi-national Gorillas are there - like it or not.  Washington and their Mexican cohorts will let them lie in wait in perpetuity.   How many other Gorillas do they have hiding in their Kleptocratic, mortgage meltdown,  Iraq war, failed health care, immigration reform (just to name a few) closets of corruption?      


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