Wednesday, November 6, 2013

AFL-CIO Pushes To Legalize Undocumented Workers And Their Dues?

In response:

The AFL-CIO represents some 12.2 million working people.  How many of those 12.2 are undocumented? 

Here are three unions within AFL/CIO and the type of work their laborers perform:

United Farm Workers, agriculture
United Food and Commercial Workers  grocery, retail, meat packing, and food processing workers
Unite Here  hotels, airport, food service, laundry, manufacturing, textile

Doesn't look like the AFL/CIO supports eVerify.  I wonder why?

Are more dues the motivation of the AFL/CIO's endorsement of Washington's immigration reform  bribe to 11.2 million undocumented laborers?  You know that reform that promises those 11.2 million undocumented a shot at US citizenship for 13 more years of labor peonage?

Does ICE audit labor unions?

Meanwhile, this reform costs American taxpayers billions for Washington's border security's buddies whose very livelihoods depend upon more undocumented coming into the country.  Job security stemming from the never ending flow of undocumented to the US?   Kind of like illegal drugs, no?  What has forty years of "enforcing" drug laws cost We The People?

How many US jobs are dependent upon the continuing flow of undocumented people and illegal drugs into the US?  What would happen if the US actually effectively stopped them both?  Would the Mexican economy collapse?  If Mexico's economy collapsed would ours?  Mexican oil and 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade are nothing to sneeze at amigos.

Would we not have to take into consideration the billions of dollars from the illegal drug industry and remittances pumped back into the Mexican economy annually too?         

This CIR is a bi-national hosing of the undocumented and US taxpayers.  Yet the US taxpayers will be hosed the worst because they are the ones who will suffer and continue to suffer the US costs and consequences of this illegal immigration/reform cycle.  

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