Saturday, November 9, 2013

We The People Have Been Paying The Price For Washington's Immigration Hocus-Pocus For Years

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We The People Have Been Paying The Price For Washington's Immigration Hocus-Pocus For Years

"Dear US taxpayers - we the crony border security conglomerate need billions upon billons more to finally secure the border with this 2013 reform.  By the way - we are sorry that we unfortunately did let more undocumented people in the US than at any other time in US history.  And the idea that our ineffective control of the border is some kind of job security scam is simply not true"!

America - we need to bring these people out of the shadows and unify their families.  What?  You Washington need to tell us why you keep letting the undocumenteds'  governments get away with exporting their own poor here and causing our immigration/reform problems over and over again.     

You need to tell us why your corrupt co-trading partner to our direct south (who you share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with) can't provide for their own citizens.

You need to tell us why you never say one critical word about Mexican President Felipe Calderon's 2006 war on drugs that continues today with a body count of over 120,000 people.

Read your own US Department of State's propaganda of how wonderful our relations are with Mexico. 

How can anyone in their right mind believe how close and chummy these two countries relations are when we maintain a militarized border (POE razor wired double-walls) that supposedly keep Mexico's poor and drugs out of the US? 

Someone (likely the bi-national elite) profit off of the undocumented labor and illegal drugs that despite decades of  US enforcement efforts and over one trillion dollars of enforcement tax dollars - have proven to be ineffective?

We are being taken for a ride on Washington's never-ending exportation, importation, deportation, labor filled, remittance filled, reform bannered bus.   

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