Thursday, November 21, 2013

Deferred Action: How To Placate Rather Than Solve

Deferred Action:  How To Placate Rather Than Solve 

Deferred action is another non-solution to the problem of generations of  US illegal immigration. 

Why? Because neither of Washington's use of deferred action or their attempted immigration reform  address the insidious, illegal-immigration generating home-country poverty that drives the undocumented to the US in the first place.

This is nutty making!  For example - after Reagan's 1986 Amnesty which failed to effectively stop illegal immigration as promised, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA comes along and contributes to Mexican poverty that results in the largest influx of undocumented to the US on record.

Tell the truth Washington:  you do not want to effectively stop the Mexican illegal immigration that  accounts for 62% of the undocumented in the US.  Somebody profits from their labor and remittances sent back home.  Somebody profits from the US border security industrial complex who continually increases its profit by its ever expanding border budgets, arrests, detentions and deportations of the undocumented.

Then what do our Washington profiteers try and do?  Another reformed amnesty that attempts to legalize 11.2 million people rather than fix the problem that pushed them here to begin with?  Are you people out of your minds?

I used to work as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE Agent.  During my entire 26 year career I never felt once that the different administrations I worked under were ever serious about stopping illegal immigration.

It has taken my 8 years in retirement to understand why.  Illegal immigration, like our 40+ year long war on illegal drugs, is a political and economical means to and end.  The end for those in charge is profit.  The means - illegal immigration, labor, remittances, border militarization - are not meant to solve the problem.  In other words if the problem is solved their end game of profit is over.

Deferred action is another means to their profit end.  It is another way that the rich who run our country ensure their never-ending,  poverty-driven, profit-driven illegal immigration cycle will continue.

So Washington throws its immigration reform hands up in the air.  They blame each other rather than admit that they are really on the same kleptocratic team raping the undocumented for labor, and US taxpayers for billions in ineffective border security dollars.  They will throw the undocumented deferred action or Dream Act bones but they will do anything to upset the 1.25 billion dollars a day trade they have with the notoriously corrupt, 120,000 drug war dead Mexican government.

We are being immigration scammed and raped.  This is no different than their sucking the life out of us with failed health care, continual military wars, mortgage banking meltdowns and the destruction of our environment.

We don't need deferred anything by our government.  We need revolution.   

"Deferred action is a discretionary determination to defer removal action of an individual as an act of prosecutorial discretion. Deferred action does not provide an individual with lawful status."
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