Thursday, November 7, 2013

Immigration Activists and Supporters Of Immigration Reform - It Isn't All About You

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Immigration Activists and Supporters Of Immigration Reform - It Isn't All About You 

If you want to stop the pain in immigrant communities expose how Washington's economic policies like NAFTA and their new Trans Pacific Partnership (NAFTA on steroids) create home-country poverty which causes peoples' suffering that drives illegal immigration to the US.

I am totally for fixing the pain in the US immigrant communities.  I am also totally for fixing the pain in American's communities too.

Do you who support immigration reform not realize that Americans are also suffering from Washington's system of profit-driven illegal-immigration too? 

This system hurts everyone - not just you, and their comprehensive immigration reform intentionally does nothing to address the poverty that is the root of our suffering to begin with.  Poverty that is co-created by the US and your home-country elite too.

Most Americans are very generous and compassionate.  Yet many see the qualities of their lives changing and they know that in part this disintegration is caused by illegal immigration. 

What angers them most that they are left out of the immigration reform equation.

Washington tries to appease Americans by throwing them a bone with all of their "border security" promises and propaganda.   Those of us who have been around for a while can see right through their border smoke and border mirrors.  Washington is lying to us again.  Just like Reagan, Clinton and Bush Jr. did with all of their failed "border security" promises.

You know what, you the undocumented are being lied to also.  You are being bribed with the possibility of  US citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage.  Read the fine print -  especially that covering DHS effectiveness "triggers" and RPI income levels.

I ask you - do you really want to sell your laboring souls to these profiteering masters?  Do you not think about what this will do for the next generation of undocumented who are without a doubt going  (or who have already started) to come?

This immigration insanity will continue if you agree to it accept their reform bribery.  If  reform were to pass the weight of  the border deaths to come - deaths that this reform ensures - is upon your shoulders just as much as it is on the Washington and Mexican elite's.

We don't need immigration reform, we need an immigration revolution.  We need to expose the corruption and greed that fuels their decades-long profit-driven illegal immigration. 

We all have the right to prose per and be happy.  Yet we have let them take that right away from us.  We even will sell our souls to grab a bit of it for our selves and shun or disregard others who have that right too. 

We become no different than our own profiteering abusers when we accept their immigration reform bribery.


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