Sunday, November 3, 2013

CIR Victims Victimizing Other Victims Is As Low As It Goes

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CIR Victims Victimizing Other Victims Is As Low As It Goes 

Americans are sick and tired of this Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) and the other pervious, self-serving immigration reform attempts.  Reagan's 1986 Amnesty,  Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's 2003 DHS simultaneously have cost Americans billions of "border security" tax dollars while ineffectively controlling US illegal immigration.

This CIR that attempts to play off of American's compassion has demonstrated again that illegal immigration is solely profit-driven;  it abuses not only American taxpayers, but the undocumented too. We the People would have to be out of our minds to believe that this current CIR will control illegal immigration.  

Common sense dictates that US Illegal immigration is and always has been about the rich in the US getting cheap labor in exchange for the rich in the undocumenteds' home-countries getting remittances send back in return.  This insidious exchange of course could only take place if the people coming here had powerful enough reasons to make them leave their homes and families.    

All of you who are currently asking Washington and Congress to push this CIR through without first addressing the undocumenteds' home-country poverty as the root case of illegal immigration are equally responsible for perpetuating this decades-long illegal immigration problem.

CIR reveals the unconscionable, self-gratifying motives of undocumented victims coupled with their blatant disregard for the other victims their CIR would produce. 

And who are the other victims this CIR trashes?  First and foremost the countless good Americans who will have to continue to endure overcrowded emergency rooms, school rooms, losses of jobs, and the unfair undocumented demographic changes to their home towns.

The other victims in this 2013 CIR scam are the millions of future US undocumented who will be coerced into following right in these 11.2 million undocumenteds' footsteps.

US undocumented (and supporters):  People from your home-countries will suffer because your home-country and the US elite will continue to maintain the very poverty that pushed you here.     How will the CIR that you "benefit" from change the same poverty and hopelessness that pushed you here to begin with?  Tell us what part of this CIR (that helps you) - helps them?  How many future undocumented will die crossing the border because of your acceptance of this CIR border and build-up will push future undocumented further and further into the US border deserts or mountains? 
I will go to the mat for people being abused.  That includes you the present US undocumented, the good people of your home countries, and good peoples of the US.

This CIR rips us all off because it is designed to continue profit-driven illegal immigration.

Yes. Bribing 11.2 million people into agreeing to 13 years of labor peonage for a chance at US citizenship and falsely selling American's on another illegal-immigration fix.  Priceless.

Please contact me after this 2013 CIR finishes circling the drain and goes down.  I will go to the mat for you when we all decide to target the elite's profit-driven poverty that causes illegal US "labor for remittances" immigration.     

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