Friday, November 22, 2013

Who Benefits From Washington's Arrest/ Deport/ Reform/Up The Ante Immigration Reform?

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Who Benefits From Washington's Arrest/ Deport/ Reform/Up The Ante Immigration Reform?

Immigration Reform Benefits The Same Elite Responsible For Illegal Immigration

Reform is an insidious compromise by our kleptocracy and their shill politicians.  It gives the illusion that something is really being done to stop illegal immigration (and all related problems) when it in fact it institutionalizes illegal immigration and immigration reform as the profit driven systemic scams that they are.  

Is bribing 11.2 million people (with a chance at possible US citizenship) by offering them 13 years of labor peonage (and implied voter allegiance) anything short of the continued rapes of those already held as economic hostages?

American taxpayers are hostages too. "Reform" soaks them for billions more in tax dollars gifted to Washington's crony border-security enforcement complex whose very existence depends upon continued illegal immigration.  We have been repeatedly assured of the effective control of the border but are held hostage to Washington's arrest-deport-reform-up the ante, ad infinitum illegal immigration cycle. 

Meanwhile the likes of Mark Zuckerberg gets to nearly double the H-1b foreign workers that he profits from at the expense of US taxpayer's while pretending to care about the undocumented?

The only people who really benefit from "immigration reform" are the same people responsible for decades of  illegal immigration i.e. the undocumenteds' home-country elite and the US elite too.  Remittances in exchange for labor and profitized, political reform is a money maker for all involved (expect the US undocumented, the home-country poor, and US taxpayers).

I know many good people from both sides of the fence want this nightmare to end.  We actually need each other.  Supporters of the undocumented have seen what happens when Washington gets involved and the results are more of the same.

We need a revolution and that can only come from the people (immigrants, citizens, the undocumented, and the supporters of both here and at home).

I am a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent who is willing to go to bat for the undocumented and US citizens.  I will do that only if we as a group go for their jugular -  the elite's profitization and corruption of poverty which pushes people here for said elite's further enrichment.

How many undocumented people do you know would come or stay here if they could have similar prosperity at home? 

We attack the US and home-country corruption that keeps profit-driven illegal immigration in place.         

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