Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dreamers And Immigration Reform: Your "Selfie" "In Your Face" Activism Will Not Help Your Cause

Dreamers And Immigration Reform:  Your "Selfie" "In Your Face" Activism Will Not Help Your Cause
Dear Dreamers,

For many decades now illegal immigration has caused immense suffering on both sides of the fence - not just yours.  If you really want American support for your cause you will need to respectfully shift your focus to an all-inclusive solution - not just your own.  

Most Americans are generous and compassionate and will agree that you as Dreamers have a legitimate cause to stay in the US legally.  

With that said, your cause includes grown-up responsibilities of not only thinking of your "Selfie" selves but thinking of the millions of others who illegal immigration has affected and will continue to affect in the future too.

I suggest that you ask your parents why they came here to begin with.  My guess is that they will say that poverty or the lack of jobs at home caused them to come here.

If that is what they tell you, then that is what also needs to be addressed here - and at home -  in order to stop this insanity.  And if you are not familiar with your home-countries' economic ties with the US then that is the place to start.

Check out this article on NAFTA and the Department of States' propaganda about the "relations" of the US and Mexico:

And just as importantly - take the time to consider and ask Americans what illegal immigration has done to them too.  The same root cause that drove your parents here is the same root cause that has also caused American suffering.

Think about this:  Americans have had to absorb the changes in their lives that millions of undocumted people have unfairly brought to them.  That includes overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, losses of job, higher taxes for border security, rapid and unplanned demographic changes to their towns, and the reduced quality of medical and educational services that illegal immigration brings.   

Dreamers:  you do not live in a vacuum;  attacking this problem with an "in your face" attitude is immature,  rude and selfish.  It promises to alienate people who would otherwise support your

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