Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Washington's Insidious And Murderous Kleptocratic Formula for Profit and War

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Washington's Insidious And Murderous Kleptocratic Formula for Profit and War

Who suffers the most because of these sanctions against Iran?  Washington claims to protect the US and the world against an Iranian nuclear bomb while simultaneously planting the seeds of hatred that guarantee future attacks and war? 

Our kleptocracy has created its own perpetual economic dependency upon oil and war.  It also needs to create "terrorists" as a means to justify their ends.

It has done the same with its 40+ year long war on drugs and its war against illegal immigration that officially started in the mid-1980's.

Create societal problems and laws against them i.e. terrorism, illegal drugs, illegal immigration.

Profitize the legal and illegal aspects of  those problems i.e. corporate profits from weapons manufacturing and illegal sales too,  banks profiting from corporate loans to the prison (drug offenders) industry while laundering cartel drug profits too, profit by simultaneously jailing the undocumented and granting them amnesty or immigration reform too.

Propagandize these and other problems ensuring their institutionalization,  normalization and unquestioned acceptance by the society as necessary "wars" for the safety of the "homeland" all of which guarantees perpetual profits for the Kleptocracy.

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