Friday, November 29, 2013

Immigration Reform: We Have Met The Enemy Pogo - and Stupid Is As Stupid Does Forrest!

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Immigration Reform:  We Have Met The Enemy Pogo - and Stupid Is As Stupid Does Forrest!     

Over the years Mexican illegal immigration in particular and immigration reform in general have become so Washington propagandized that they have now become institutionalized money makers for the all of the elite involved.

The fight for the exchange of cheap labor for remittances and the continued illusion of border security have made billions upon billons for those in the know.   That is exactly what their reform does.  It legalizes 11.2 million workers while pumping billions more American's tax dollars into their illusionary border security complex. 

Meanwhile the pump is again primed for the next wave of undocumented, laboring, remittance-senders - later to become subjects of yet another US immigration reform.

This is no different than drugs and their war on drugs.

Many Americans are brainwashed into believing that Uncle Sam, Washington and the right political party will by God stop those illegal aliens from invading our border and stop those illegal drugs from causing all of our problems.    

The more they try to stop it, the more the two increase and the more those lying bribers make off of the both of them.  

Those are the insidious truths that should start immigration and drug war revolutions in Washington rather than accepting their decades old immigration and drug war bribes and rhetoric.

Immigration reform merely bribes Americans and the undocumented back into numb complacency. Once a problem is disguised and propagandized into something that it is not it cannot be reformed away.

Profitized Mexican poverty is the co-created problem of the bi-national elite which creates US illegal immigration.  Mexican illegal immigration will never be solved as long as they avoid discussing poverty as its root cause.

We have met the enemy Pogo, and stupid is as stupid does Forrest.

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