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Rep Gutierrez and NIYA Activists - In The Immigration Reform Game Only For Themselves

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Rep Gutierrez and NIYA Activists  - In The Immigration Reform Game Only For Themselves

This alliance gone sour - whenever that "split" took place - was inevitable.  Washington Kleptocrats will only use activists as long as those activists play by Washington's rules. 

And so it goes for Mr. Abdollahi and the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA) and their affiliated advocates at

It isn't a question of passion on either side;  it is a question of who is playing or being played by whom and and for what reasons.

I say that both sides are both being used by the elite who de facto run our Kleptocratic government and de facto immigration policies. 

This quagmire for Dreamers and the 11.2 million undocumented people did not happen in vacuum.  It happened because in the case of Mexico for example, the bi-national elite have been profiting off of illegal immigration for decades. 

Common sense dictates that poverty lies at the insidious base of illegal immigration.  Poverty which the bi-national elite translate into personal profit.  Profit from labor going North and remittances going back south.

Please tell me why neither Rep. Gutierrez or the NIAY say one word about poverty as the cause of illegal immigration? 

I will tell you what I think.  Neither side really cares about the cause of illegal immigration, the only care about the effects of illegal immigration.  I will stand correct if either side can show me where they have included poverty in the Immigration Reform platforms.

 Nope.  In this respect, they are no different than the profiteers they both fight with.   All individuals involved simply want to parley immigration reform and illegal immigration into something they  (aligned or separately) can benefit from.

From the article:

Abdollahi said National Immigrant Youth Alliance favors a piecemeal approach to immigration legislation rather than the comprehensive legislation backed by Gutierrez. "We’ve always been a fan of whatever legislation has a chance of passing," Abdollahi said.    

Does it matter to the NIYA or Rep. Gutierrez that Washington's Comprehensive Immigration Reform - piecemeal or not - fails to precisely address the exact bi-national Kleptocratic-produced economic policies and the exact bi-national Kleptocratic-produced poverty that pushed some 11.2 million undocumented people here to being with?

Not one word or glimpse of any real understanding, or caring, of the problem from either.

"We’ve always been a fan of whatever legislation has a chance of passing," Abdollahi said.

If that is true, are you Mr. Abdollahi is in favor of Washington's CIR bribing 11.2 million people with a chance at US citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage?

I do not see any indications from either side that they really care about the bribery of the undocumented who are here, or the bribery of the millions of future undocumented who will undoubtedly take the bait and try to come too.

Rep. Gutierrez and Mr. Abdollahi - Will you be there to explain to the families of those future undocumented (some of who will undoubtedly die crossing the border) why you ignored with your "immigration reform" their poverty as the root cause of their illegal crossing to the US?

Of course my guess is that also neither of you really care much about the millions of Americans who now - and  in the future will continue to - suffer the overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, losses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes that profit-driven poverty creates.

I say get your acts together and solve this problem - for all concerned - once and for all.

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