Sunday, November 24, 2013

Immigration Reform And Mexican Illegal Immigration - Mexico Needs To Clean Up Its Act

Immigration Reform And Mexican Illegal Immigration - Mexico Needs To Clean Up Its Act

I spoke with Representative Scott Tipton a couple years ago after a town hall meeting in Ridgway, Colorado.  As a retired US Border Patrol Agent I explained my concerns that Washington never criticized the corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in Mexican illegal immigration to the US.  I also expressed my concerns about the thousands of innocent Mexican citizens killed as a result of Mexican President Felipe Calderon's use of the Mexican military's to fight their US sponsored cartel drug war.    

Mr. Tipton told me "Mexico needs to clean up its act".  I could not believe that a US politician actually said that - even during a semi-private conversation.

So whose fault is it that Mexico supplies 62% of our total undocumented?  Unfortunately many American's believe it is solely the undocumenteds' faults for breaking our laws.

Yet how many Americans understand the negative effect Clinton's NAFTA had upon Mexico resulting in record breaking influx of undocumted to the US?  How many Americans understand the current US backed drug war in Mexico which has sacrificed some 120,000 lives?  How many Americans understand that Mexico and the US currently share 1.25 billion dollars in daily cross border trade and that Mexico is our number two source of oil?  How many Americans know that Mexico's undocumented citizens living in the US send billions of dollars in remittances back into Mexico annually?   How many Americans understand that nearly one million people legally cross through Mexico north into the US on a daily basis?  How many Americans know about the significant increase in Mexican drug war asylum cases and the historical  high rate of US denial of those cases?   How many Americans know that US and Global banks have been caught laundering Mexican cartel profits?

How many Americans know that ex-Mexican "100,000 Dead" drug war President Felipe Calderon is has been awarded Harvard University's 2012 First Angelopoulos Global Leader award and lucrative fellowship? 

I wonder if Mexico would implode if we actually sealed our border.  I wonder if it is even financially possible for the US to seal the Mexican border.  I wonder why we fight a 40+ year long drug war that has done nothing more but fill US prisons and cartel leaders off-shore bank accounts while destroying many peoples lives.

I wonder why two supposedly friendly, neighboring countries share a border fence that looks like to two countries are at war, not at trade.           


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