Saturday, November 23, 2013

Biden and Obama Bribe The Undocumented To Maintain Our Insidious Illegal Immigration Status Quo

Biden and Obama Bribe The Undocumented To Maintain Our Insidious Illegal Immigration Status Quo

Do you really think Biden or Obama care about the undocumented?  If they did, why doesn't or hasn't either condemned our bordering Mexican drug war that has sacrificed some 120,000 lives since 2006? 

Mexico supplies 62% of our undocumented yet neither of these supposed leaders of ours say one word about their home-country drug war?   Why do they remain silent about Mexican human rights in Mexico, but waive their immigration reform flag here?

Mexican illegal immigration, Mexican illegal drugs, our bi-national economies and our bi-national politics are all insidiously connected whether you are willing to see it our not.  Immigration reform is just the tip of their scandalous bi-national iceberg that is causing now - and for decades has caused -  tremendous suffering and even death on both sides of the border.

Here is a transcript of VP Biden's recent 9/20/2013 speech at the "US Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue"

Here is a copy of President Obama's El Paso Texas border speech on 5/10/21011

Where is the bi-national outrage?  Obama scams Latino votes speaking and facing directly across from "ground zero" of the Mexican drug war - Ciudad Juarez - and insulting Mexican drug war victims and families by saying nothing of that US backed war?

Read both speeches.  All that these two profiteers talk about or really care about is how the bi-national economy is doing and how they can keep their bi-national kleptocracy rolling in the money.

To the undocumented and their supporters:  you are being used as for decades now Washington's actions have repeatedly demonstrated that will effectively stop (Mexican) illegal immigration. 

This is nothing more than a twisted, profitized bi-national version of The Hunger Games - Mexican Hunger Games that is - where both governments profit from hungry people being forced to cross over our ever-more militarized southern border.

Stand up with integrity and stop both of these maniacal government's from raping not only you and your people, but Americans too.

Their immoral immigration reform is nothing short of a despicable attempt to bribe you and to keep you playing the same game that your parents - and their parents - have had to play for generations.

We need to stop them and force them to address the insidious poverty that pushes people here.
If you don't - and you sell out your integrity for their 13 year bribe - you are part of the self-serving, never-ending immoral problem - and not part of an  honorable solution.

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