Sunday, November 10, 2013

Washington's Illusionary Enforcement Wars Against Illegal Immigration and Illegal Drugs

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Washington's Illusionary Enforcement Wars Against Illegal Immigration and Illegal Drugs

The fence - especially out in the desolate areas of the border - is nothing more than a speed bump on their cronies' undocumented or illegal drugs way north. It gives Americans the illusion 1)  that Washington is serious about effectively controlling either or both and 2) that Washington can effectively control either or both.

Illegal immigration is poverty and profit driven by not only the undocumenteds' home country elite, but the US elite too.  And to state the obvious - illegal drugs are wholly profit driven by not only the bi-national elite, but the global elite too.

The idea that one "faction" or another of Washington's kleptocracy is really serious about effectively controlling either is an illusion.  An illusion that gives American taxpayers some type of hope and trust that Washington will and can effectively stop one, the other or both. 

Then the Washington Kleptocrats serve up another illusion - immigration reform -  which behind all of the family unification and border security rhetoric does absolutely nothing to address the undocumenteds' home country poverty that is the root cause of those poor people coming here.

They profit from the poverty that they use to push people here and then they politically profit by reform used to unite the families that they purposely tore apart.  How insidiously sick and insane is that?

A fence that does not work.  Employer sanctions that do not work.  40+ year long drug wars that do no work.  Overflowing prisons that do not work.  Washington reform, Amnesty, NAFTA, and the creation of DHS that do not work.  Hundreds of thousands of deportations that do not work.  Billions upon billions pumped into "border security" that do not work for either.

Is there really any substantial difference between the "war" on illegal immigration and the "war" on drugs?  Take a huge step back and look.  Have either of these decade's long, trillion dollar wars solved the problems that they are supposed to solve?

The real illusion is the purpose of their existence.  They are both designed to perpetuate the "problems" that they are supposed to fix.  There is simply more profit in the perpetual problems than any permanent fixes.

We don't need any more of their immigration reform or drug wars.  We need a revolution. 


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