Monday, November 18, 2013

Americans and Failed Immigration: ¡Estamos hasta la madre también!
Americans and Failed Immigration:  ¡Estamos hasta la madre también!

Dreamers:  How can you "reform"  a corrupt immigration system so that it stops pushing and pulling good people (like your parents) away from their homes counties?

Washington's reform is a bribe.  It is a pacifier.  It is an attempt to placate you and 11.2 million undocumented in order to keep their insidious profitized illegal immigration system in place. 

What system?  The same one I have not only worked within as a US Border Patrol/ICE agent. but have studied for close to 33 years. 

It is a system designed to profiting from poverty, illegal immigration, cheap labor, remittances, and recurring political reforms.  It is a system insidiously crafted to use you the undocumented and us  - the American taxpayers.  

What does their reform do to alleviate the very suffering that caused your parents or millions of other undocumented to come here?  

I am all for human rights.  I am not for granting reform that may temporarily satisfy you BUT throws  millions of your home-country relatives and friends on and under the next illegal immigration reform bus that will - without a doubt - come.  

I suggest thinking about derailing and exposing the entire corrupt system and not just taking a "bone" that it throws you for its self enrichment.

Their reform will not address the reasons that 11.2 million undocumented are here.  It - with your concurrences - simply puts a Band-Aid on it.

I ask that you step up the plate and demand the cure to their cancerous greed - not another temporary reform Band-Aid. 

Another suggestion;  please realize that your acceptance of this or their next similar reform throws millions of compassionate and generous Americans under the immigration bus again too. 

We have the right to say "estamos hasta la madre" too.  With that said, I suggest not forgetting how  this insidious system that unfortunately contributed to your presence here has affected million of common Americans too.

Acknowledge the truth.  Americans as well as you need to be educated.  The majority of Americans  will not your enemy unless (or until) you disregard their rights as victims too. 

Include Americans to unite against our common abusers!


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