Thursday, November 7, 2013

Immigration Reform - Can You or Will You Think For Yourselves?

Immigration Reform - Can You or Will You Think For Yourselves?  

It should not matter who is for or against immigration reform.  What should matter is that you take the time to educate yourselves about this issue and make your own decisions. 

I have prepared a few questions that will help if you choose to research the subjects and think for yourselves about these aspects of the problem.

Would the Mexican undocumented come or stay here if they had similar opportunities to prosper at home?

Why don't the Mexican undocumented have opportunities to prosper at home?

Who profits from the Mexican undocumenteds' home property?

Who profits from the Mexican undocumenteds' illegal immigration to the US? 

How can the US and Mexico share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade yet allow Mexico's poor to have to come to the US illegally to work to feed their families (and sometimes die in the process of crossing)?

Why have Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's 2003 creation of  DHS failed to effectively control illegal immigration?

Why did Clinton's NAFTA push more undocumented to the US than at any other time in history?

How many small Mexican corn farmers were put out of business because NAFTA put US corn on to the Mexican market?

Would Mexico's economy collapse if the US effectively controlled illegal immigration?

How important is labor from the Mexican undocumented to US corporations (agriculture, hotel-motel, food service, textile, construction)?

Would Mexico's economy collapse if Mexican cartels lost profits from illegal drugs?

Would Mexico's economy collapse if the Mexican undocumented stopped sending remittances home?

Would America's economy collapse if Mexico's economy collapsed?

Why does Washington remain silent about the Mexican Drug War that sacrificed some 120,000 lives since 2006?

How important is Mexican oil to the US?

Does the AFL-CIO depend upon dues from undocumented workers?

How extensive is the laundering of Mexican cartel profits by US banks?

Why does Washington turn a blind eye corruption in the Mexican government?

How extensive are US business investments in Mexico?

How many small Mexican businesses have "gone under" because of WalMart in Mexico?



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