Friday, November 1, 2013

Border Enforcement - Planned/Profitable Ineffectiveness? Or Simply Impossible To Effectively Enforce?

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Border Enforcement - Planned/Profitable Ineffectiveness? Or Simply Impossible To Effectively Enforce? 

The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 and US President Nixon's 1971 declaration of our "War on Drugs".  Here we are some 42 years later and illegal drugs rave on while  the US-backed Mexican Drug War tragically rages on with no end in sight.

US President Reagan's 1986 Amnesty promised to end illegal immigration.  The estimated number of undocumented in the US at that time was 3 million.  The estimated number of undocumented who received legal status (green cards) from Amnesty is 2.7 million.

Today Washington's Comprehensive Immigration Reform plans to give legal status to 11.2 million people.

Here are the real "hard ball" questions that Washington will not prefer to answer...but should:

Since 1971, how much have the combined illegal drug and immigration enforcement programs cost US taxpayers?  Please include the state, local, and federal enforcement budgets, incarceration costs, and judicial costs.

Is it possible to effectively control Mexican border illegal immigration and Mexican illegal drugs?

If they both are possible to effectively enforce - can or will US taxpayers actually agree to pay for it?  How much would it actually cost taxpayers?  Could the US economy collapse in the process?  Would the Mexican economy also collapse in the process?

How many US jobs are connected to the border and drug enforcement industrial complexes?  DHS-state-local agents, supporting staff, Ports of Entry, supporting staff, judges (Federal, State, Local), supporting staff, surveillance contractors, supporting staff, equipment (munitions) contractors, supporting staff, prison wardens, supporting staff, Assigned US Military personnel, supporting staff, training (Federal, State, Local), supporting staff, congressional time devoted to, and supporting staff.

To what degree is the US economy dependent upon the continuing ineffective enforcement of illegal immigration and illegal drug laws?

How are our continuing border wars on illegal drugs, illegal aliens, and global military wars against terrorism similar?

What would happen if we stopped fighting wars for drugs and oil and made our country and economy dependent upon alternate sources of sustainable/green fuels?

What would happen if we went to war against global poverty and for global peace and prosperity?


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