Thursday, October 31, 2013

Real Problems Caused By Bi-National Greed

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Real Problems Caused By Bi-National Greed

Lately Washington seems to be concerned with US drug addiction and overcrowded US prisons.

Yet they remain absolutely mum about Mexico's 2006 Drug War started by President Felipe Calderon and continued today by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto?

This is oh-so-familiar to the manner in which Washington handles Mexican illegal immigration.  The problem originates in Mexico yet we try and "fix" it here while wondering why nothing improves.

Oh I know and agree that it is our faults for using and abusing the stuff. 

Yet imagine this if you can:.

An elected US president ordering the US military (known for its cartel and organized crime connections, corruption, and civil rights abuses) to go to war with rival drug gangs on the streets of US cities.  Imagine six years pass and 120,000 people have been slaughtered, another 25, 000 are missing, and 240,000 have been displaced from their towns.  

Imagine the be-headings, hangings, bodies in barrels of acid, mass graves of 100 people or more, bodies dumped on the sides of freeways, journalists murdered for speaking out, thousands of kidnappings for ransom, politicians executed, barrooms riddled with bullets and dead bodies, and then in 2013 that US President is awarded Harvard University's First Angelopoulos Global leader's award plus a lucrative fellowship.

Yes Washington, we have a problem with drug addiction and overcrowded prisons. Yet you remain silent about your support of raging drug war started by your number-two trading partner just to the south?  You remain silent about your support of said horrific drug war and the 120,000+ people dead (including some US citizens and several US agents)?  You remain silent about the unspeakable drug war violence as if being silent about it will mean it doesn't exist or didn't happen?
Check out Vice President Biden's recent speech to the Mexican elite in Mexico.

My guess is the our politicians do not want to upset that 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico.  So shut up about the drug war deaths.  Shut up about NAFTA caused Mexican poverty that translates to 62% of the US undocumented being Mexican.

Shut about the real problems caused by bi-national greed and focus only upon the symptoms of those insidiously co-created, profitable problems.


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