Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Buy Into Their CIR Lies - They Do Not Intend To Effectively Stop Illegal Immigration

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Don't Buy Into Their CIR Lies - They Do Not Intend To Effectively Stop Illegal Immigration

CIR also known as Border Security Myth With Mexico - Their Profit Driven, Propagandized, Designed-To-Be-Ineffective Non-Solution To Illegal Immigration

When I was a US Border Patrol Agent one of the favorite sayings of the undocumented people who we were sending back to Mexico was "Hasta mañana" (See you tomorrow!).  Sarcasm?  Ironic humor or the simple truth?

My response in Spanish was ¡Ojalá que sí! ¡Sin ustedes no tengo trabajo! (I hope so! Without you I don't work (or have a job)!  Sarcasm?  Ironic humor or the simple truth?

Fast-forward some 35 years later and this is what I believe about illegal Mexican immigration:

It is insidiously profit-driven
It is a profit-driven, propagandized "threat" to your national security
It is bi-nationally created by co-producing poverty for profit
It is not designed to be effectively controlled
The US and Mexican elite profit from this insidious system (labor and remittances)
They profit from billions of tax dollars being pumped into border security
They profit from never-ending political platforms and potential votes
They profit from 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade
They profit from Mexican oil
They profit from billions of dollars in the proceeds of illegal drugs

Most of all they profit from the ignorance of the very citizens who they are elected to serve.
Bi-national citizens who are either too busy, too poor, or too trusting to discover or demand the truth.

Bi-national citizens and their supporters who are willing to push and work so hard for their piece of the American dream while ignoring that this CIR non-solution promotes the very poverty that they fled from and/or caused their illegal immigration.

They push so hard while ignoring the undocumented who have died and will die as this problem remains unsolved.  They push so hard while not acknowledging the impact that their choices and presence have had on the hard working, common Americans - the majority of who are kind people who also need jobs and have families too.

I am asking all of you from both sides of the fight to use common sense.  Profit-driven CIR does not even pretend to put a band aide on the cancer (poverty) that is the root of your problems and ours too.

Don't buy into this CIR lie; it will not solve the problem. 

We need to bypass this CIR bribe that they are offering us both.  For the undocumented and supporters it is the bribe that "gives" you a possibility of US citizenship for 13 more years of labor peonage.

For the US taxpayers and supporters - it is the one that swindles you again by promising an end to illegal immigration in exchange for billions more of your tax dollars poured into their ineffective border security.

We need to unite and demand that the bi-national governments truthfully address the poverty that caused and will continue to cause illegal immigration and immigration reform.




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